May 14, 2022 5:54 pm

The desperate request of an “anti-vaccine” to a doctor: “I was an idiot but I need help”

In an attempt to raise public awareness of the importance of vaccination against Covid, cardiologist Mario Fitz Maurice, head of arrhythmias at Rivadavia Hospital, shared on Twitter the desperate request for help from a man, after showing remorse for having told his sister not to get immunized.

“Hello Doctor, good morning. I bother him again because my sister is not doing well, the doctors tell me that her oxygen is very low even with the ventilator turned on her back. I feel very guilty for telling him not to get vaccinated. I ask him, If I already give her a vaccine, will it help? Doctor, I don’t want my sister to die, I was an idiot but I need you to help me for God’s sake”, was the message spread by Mario Fitz-Maurice, a cardiologist and electrophysiologist.

According to reports, the woman referred to in the conversation She is 53 years old and has been hospitalized and intubated for several days, in critical condition.

Quickly, the man’s request went viral on social networks where some Twitter users questioned the doctor’s actions when disclosing the private message.

However, the head of arrhythmias at the Rivadavia Hospital replied on Twitter that his intention was to inform and account for a situation that usually attends, but preserving the identity of the person who contacted him.

“Publishing this information, more than anything I thought of the awareness that this would generate. Without going any further, once the screenshot is published, a person writes to me by private message, telling me his story, that at one point he was an anti-vaccine militant and told me that when it all started he was in charge of convincing those around him not to vaccinate, until later one of his children got sick; He wrote to me to tell me that he felt very identified with what was happening to this person”, argued Fitz-Maurice in dialogue with Radio Miter.

“This denial of vaccines has to do, initially with ignorance, a fact that occurred in the first wave; then it came from people who oppose everything, no matter what the evidence is, and that percentage of people exists in most countries. Luckily, in Argentina, there were not too many because the vast majority of the population accepted the vaccines, although that small minority is noisy and wants to stand out by going against the majority”, concluded the doctor.

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