May 23, 2022 8:08 am

January records the highest number of children hospitalized for coronavirus in the entire pandemic



Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in Spain, a total of 4,432 children under nine years of age have been hospitalized due to the disease, 22% of them (979) so far in January, which is already the highest record in a month, according to data from the
Carlos III Health Institute that
collects the updated data until the 20th.

The percentage they represent with respect to the total admitted in a month is also the highest of the entire pandemic, since so far in 2022 they accounted for 4.41% of the total hospitalized.

We came from the month of December where the data had already recorded record figures in

this band both in absolute and relative terms. Thus, the total income of minors amounted to 432, while the percentage they represented with respect to the total for the month was 2.42%.

The strip immediately above that corresponding to kids between 10 and 19 years old, also marks a milestone this January with 694 admissions, the highest figure in absolute terms for the entire pandemic. However, if we put it in relation to the total admissions for the month, they account for 3.13% of the total hospitalized for the month (a percentage exceeded in June 2020 when they accounted for 3.71% of the total and in July 2021 when they were 3.26%).

As can be seen in the graph above, the upward trend in hospitalized young people has been recorded since November, at which time the admissions of those under 19 have not stopped climbing.

Presence in ICU

As far as their presence in the ICUs is concerned, the range from 0 to 9 years scores, pending the end of January, the second highest data of the entire pandemic with 27 admitted (in March 2020 they became 28). In fact, with respect to the total admissions to the ICU, they have multiplied their presence by three in just three months: in November they represented barely 0.6% of the total admitted, in January they were 2.06%.

However, fortunately, despite the increase in hospitalized and ICU records in minors, deaths have not increased in recent months and continue to be the age group with the lowest records.

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