May 17, 2022 7:18 am

Garzón: «Almería will once again be at the site of the great fairs of the bullfighting season»




The company Future casts unveiled last night the project ‘Live the Magic of Bullfighting in Almeria’. Jose Maria GarzonHe thanked the fans for their presence: «It is a satisfaction to see the support received and the good reception after our arrival as a new businessman in the Plaza de Almería. Support from both the City Council; the Provincial Council; the Junta de Andalucía, fans and the Cuesta family, owner of the square. It is quite a responsibility for our company to manage this square and that is why we have to be up to this new challenge.”

A moment of the presentation – Baltasar Galvez

Garzón said that, as usual in the management of his bullrings, “we will develop a global management strategy based on several pillars such as advertising investment, the organization of events around the bull and the dissemination of the bullfighting values through cultural activities. We want Almeria to experience bullfighting all year round, not just during the fair»

Bet on youth

The businessman emphasized promoting bullfighting among young people: “Our business bet also bets on the fans more youths in general, with subscriptions at affordable prices, as well as the policy of affordable tickets for fans in general». «The management of our company translates into many hours of work and a continuous effort to promote bullfighting with all kinds of activities throughout the year, just as we project in other squares that we manage”, he clarified.

As for the fans, Garzón asked for confidence. «I am sure that Almería will once again be in the place of the big fairs of the bullfighting season. We look forward to the future of this square with enthusiasm, trust and hope and that is why we ask for your support for this new project that we are undertaking this season.

The event, led by journalists Juan Aguilera and Victoria Collantes, was attended by the Councilor for Culture, Diego Cruz, and the delegate of the Junta government in Almería, Maribel Sánchez.

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