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Carolina Durante: «We laugh at the grandiloquence that is left over in the world of music»



the boys from Caroline During they ended up a little tired of everyone liking them, of receiving constant compliments, of being promoted as a generational reference that they never wanted to be. It might seem like an arrogant attitude, but as soon as you chat with them for a couple of minutes you realize that what they are is realists, people with their feet on the asphalt. Hence, it is not surprising -excessively- that on his new album, ‘four boys’, self-parody abounds with titles such as ‘Famous in three streets’ or ‘Your new favorite group’, the latter built with verses such as “they are the new Movida”, “the new Beatles”, “they are beautiful people” or “they say they have superpowers”, which are nothing more than hyperbolic phrases taken from reviews of his albums and press releases from his record company, Sonido Muchacho.

“What did Luis think of the lyrics?”, replies its singer Diego Ibáñez, referring to the tireless boss of the independent label from Madrid. “I have it here on my WhatsApp, but you won’t be able to reproduce it in the newspaper,” he says, causing his fellow bassist, Martín Vallhonrat, to laugh out loud. “We wanted to laugh at the things the press said about us, but also at how our own record label sold us, with that grandiloquence that is sometimes left over in the world of music,” continues Ibáñez. «Yes, we only make songs», Vallhonrat adds sincerely.

What is undeniable is that placing a word in popular language, as they did with ‘Cayetano’ or Rosalía with ‘Tra, tra’, is synonymous with transcendence. “Now do you hear someone say ‘tra, tra’ on the street?” asks Ibáñez without malice. “It’s that whoever says that now… well, take a Latin Grammy, boy,” says the bassist, finishing off the joke. “No, seriously now. It is true that ‘Cayetano’ surpassed the group”, comments the singer. «Sometimes it happens to me that I am with a group of people, suddenly someone says ‘well, I saw a Cayetano who blah, blah…’, and when I say ‘uncle, do you know that I invented that term?’, They don’t believe it and it pisses me off a lot!

His return with ‘Cuatro chavales’, a title that also contains an enormous load of demystification, is “continuous” according to Diego and Martín. And it is in the best possible way: it gives the fans exactly what they want. Who are trustworthy, come on. «We wanted to fully exploit the sound and style that we have been doing. On the previous album it was too clean for us, a bit cold, and by doing this we have removed that little thorn that had stuck in us, “says Ibáñez.

The streets of Madrid and its nights of glory and decadence had always been a very important source of inspiration for Carolina Durante, but this time they have had to face a creative process that has barely been able to feed on interpersonal experiences, because there have hardly been any. “It’s been a hell of a lot, it affected me when it came to writing the songs,” says Ibáñez, the group’s main lyricist. «I was twenty-four seven living the same thing, and I wrote in a state of apathy and total boredom. It’s been horrible, the worst two years of my life. It was shit, and even so lyrics have come out that are a mess ».

Today they will give a small concert of presentation at Chung Lee Nails by VibraMahou, but the pandemic has obviously also influenced the preparation of his tour, which was initially scheduled for March but has had to be delayed until the fall. However, they are optimistic about the festival season. “Many are calling us,” says Diego, aware that they are privileged, especially in the format they practice. “Yes,” Martin concludes. «For the groups it is more screwed up, also because the rehearsal rooms have been closed and that has greatly harmed the guitar bands and has favored the albums of solo artists who do everything with the computer in their room».

The four kids from Carolina Durante – J.R.L.


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