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What will Ashton Kutcher say? Mila Kunis and Demi Moore star in an ad in which they laugh at how much they have in common

The Super Bowl is almost a month away, but the sponsors started promoting it in a big way. This year, for example, one of the most important telecommunications companies in the United States chose two Hollywood goddesses to be the protagonists of one of its spots that will be broadcast at halftime of the long-awaited sporting event: it is about Demi Moore y Mila Kunis.

The current wife and the ex of Ashton Kutcher sparks are removed in the announcement, in which, in addition, they joke, precisely, about how much they have in common. The 60-second commercial shows them at an awards ceremony, each sitting at a table with a group of friends; but it’s not about the Oscars, they are at an event organized by the high school that, according to the script, the two attended.

It all starts when the host is about to reveal the name of the “most admired student”. At that moment, Moore leaves his table and heads to the stage. Kunis, in turn, does the same, from the other end of the room. When they arrive on stage, they are surprised to see each other. However, the big surprise comes seconds later, when the announcer announces the name of the winner, who turns out to be a third person.

Moore, 59, wears a sexy V-neck dress in black, while Kunis, 38, wears a strapless garment of the same color. Both wear their hair down; one, accommodated to the right and the other, to the left. “I had no idea we went to the same high school,” says a Demi, from a distance, as the two watch in surprise that neither of them came out on top. “We have a lot in common,” Mila replies, while the two disguise their presence on stage by giving gifts to the real winner. The spot ends when the master of ceremonies invites them to leave.

Kunis worked alongside Kutcher on the hit series That ‘70s Show. There, they made up one of the craziest couples. She was the perky Jackie Burkhart and he was the clueless Michael Kelso. She was 15 years old and he was 20. At that time, they became friends, but fate would bring them together as a couple several years later.

At the height of his career, Kutcher began an affair with Moore. The difference in age and the star character of both made them the most talked about couple. Far from being intimidated, they redoubled the bet, sharing each of the activities they shared alone and with their family on their social networks.

They walked down the aisle in 2005, and from that moment Ashton has been very committed to raising the three daughters that the actress of Ghost, the shadow of love had with Bruce Willis. “I loved them and I will never stop loving them, respecting them, honoring them and supporting them to be successful in whatever they are looking for,” said the actor in more than one interview. He added: “At the same time, I am not his father. I never tried to be her dad. I always had respect for Bruce and I think he is a brilliant human being and a wonderful man.”

The couple divorced in 2011. More adults, Kutcher and Kunis met again and decided to take their relationship one step further. In 2014, they announced their engagement, and soon after welcomed their first child, daughter Wyatt. Dimitri, the youngest of the family would arrive in 2016.

Despite the fact that they were seen on more than one occasion all together and smiling, a few years ago Demi published an autobiographical book in which she gives intimate details of her life with Kutcher; and not all his memories leave him standing well. However, both he and his wife decided to keep quiet. In fact, to make it clear that everything is fine with Moore, in an interview with ET Online, Kunis revealed that the idea of ​​calling her to participate in the commercial was hers.

“It was during my first meeting that we found out that Demi was also a student at Fairfax High,” she said, referring to the Virginia high school they both attended. “I thought it would bring humor and laughter to what was already a great ad. I approached her and she was so delighted that she quickly joined the project, “he revealed.

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