May 23, 2022 11:20 pm

Verónica Lozano exploded with fury at a woman who tried to justify sexual abuse

This Tuesday while in Cut by Lozano (Telephone) reported the rape of a 13-year-old girl from Merlo, Buenos Aires province, Veronica Lozano he was outraged with a woman who in full mobile gave details of the live episode. The neighbor of the neighborhood tried to justify the crime and this made the driver and the panelists who were in the studio, outraged.

The incident occurred this weekend, when the teenager attended a relative’s birthday with his brother.

Her 26-year-old cousin asked her to go with him to buy a juice but he took her to his apartment. Hours later, she was found very shocked by her relatives to whom she told what happened, they immediately filed a complaint against the man. After knowing this fact, the driver made a live mobile from the place to collect the testimony of the neighbors.

“This man is under arrest accused of very serious charges by the Morón prosecutor, Marisa Monti. He is accused of aggravated sexual abuse for being committed with carnal access. Surely later the issue of the minority of the victim will influence, that is an aggravating circumstance. He denied everything”, narrated the police journalist, Augusto Telias and explained that there was something punctual that was the immediate medical examination that was done to the victim and that confirmed the injuries compatible with the abuse.

The driver got angry with a neighbor of Merlo, who set out to give her testimony about the rape of a minor in her neighborhoodTV capture

In this sense, he stated that the penalty can reach 15 years in prison, but that there could be a series of aggravating factors that could lead the abuser to accumulate a longer sentence. “The girl is being evaluated by specialists to see if he can, at some point, testify,” said the chronicler, who also explained that “there is kidnapping of the girl’s underwear” and other items such as sheets, which will be evaluated and put as evidence in the case. .

While they talked about the support that the teenager received and the progress of the cause, Elodie, a woman who lives on the same block, set out to go on air and give her point of view of what happened. “How? If the girl’s clothes were found, then the girl came with a change of clothes.”, said the lady about the cycle panelist’s comment about the evidence that had been found at the scene. “The girl came out dressed from here”, he added.

Verónica Lozano’s outrage at a woman who justified the abuse of a minor live

The police specialist also said that the girl would have spoken with a psychologist and that story coincides with everything that happened. “This is evaluated by the Prosecutor’s Office No. 5 of Morón, That is why they have him detained,” he said. The woman, from the other side, interrupted the story and sentenced: “Why don’t they quote the boy next door? That he is going to tell them what he felt. He told me ‘she had to, it wasn’t because she liked it. I felt her moan.’” After hearing her words, Vero Lozano immediately interrupted the cell phone and stopped the neighbor: “He is 13 years old, Elodia. She is a minor. I will not allow you to say that under any circumstances.”

The lady, meanwhile, justified her version with the comments that had come to her. “That’s what the boy told me,” he asserted. “Well, it says pelotude …”, completed the driver, very upset.

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