May 23, 2022 8:49 am

They had their first date and the next day she received a message that left her speechless: “What are you playing at?”

The world of dating has as many possibilities as there are people, and this time, the situation became unusual to the point of sharing the story on TikTok and generating a lot of debate about it.

It all started when a young woman called Katlyn Phipps She met a boy with whom she had connected thanks to a dating app and with whom she had a very nice encounter. However, everything changed when a few days later he woke up to a message from the young man, asking her to send him four dollars for the coffee he had bought her during the date. In a video shared on her TikTok account, the girl showed a screenshot of the exchange she had with the man.

Faced with the unexpected message, he asked why he was asking for four dollars. To which he replied, “I guess there won’t be a second breakfast, so that’s because of last week’s coffee, since it seems like we’re never going out again. I really don’t understand what game you’re trying to play”.

The unusual message he received where they demanded half of the money from the exit

Later, Katlyn said that he had actually offered to pay for her coffee and that things seemed to be going well on the date. She then shared another screenshot of a message she sent him, explaining that she wanted to see him again but hadn’t been able to set a date because she was busy with work and school.

“I didn’t know it was part of a long-term commitment after going on a date with you. I’m sorry that the lack of my presence hurt your ego so much that you felt the need to ask for money for a coffee. I’ll be more than happy to send you that. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let me be very clear: I’m not going to be able to meet with you this weekend. How about instead of your petty comments you try to be understanding of someone with a busy schedule and work with that?” she lashed out to score him.

And continued: “Your lack of communication and understanding made it clear that this will not go any further. Thank you and have a beautiful weekend.” Finally, the girl shared the man’s final response, in which she said that she had asked him several times for another date and that she should not have “induced” him to believe that there would be a second meeting. The student said that she agreed to meet him again, but that everything had come to naught.

Since sharing her story on TikTok, her videos have been viewed more than 300,000 times, where the majority puts themselves in the place of the young woman. One user said: “What was the answer?” While another added: “I should have sent him $8 and told him to use the extra to buy himself some manners.”. But on the other hand, some users felt that the young man had a point: “If you don’t feel comfortable with someone, you should probably tell them.” While another said: “Why not? Can’t you pay for your own coffee?

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