May 20, 2022 4:45 pm

The Mendoza Police Chief was fired because his partner climbed Aconcagua without a health pass

The Mendoza government displaced the chief of the provincial police, Roberto Munives, after it transpired that there was lied when processing an order for your partner to climb the aconcagua hill without the corresponding health pass, a measure that would even have violated provincial regulations.

Munives’s wife Mónica Delsouc, no immunization dose was applied against the coronavirus, according to the Federal Vaccination Registry, NOMIVAC. However, it had been recorded that he did have the complete vaccination schedule to be able to climb.

According to resolution 822 of the Secretary of Environment and Territorial Planning dand Mendoza, it is mandatory that all tourists participating in expeditions have complete vaccination schedule. And it is specified that the second dose must have been placed21 days before” making the ascent.

The news, revealed by the newspaper Sun, generated a strong controversy in the provincial political system that forced the governor Rodolfo Suarez, and the Minister of Security, Raúl Levrino to act quickly. In fact, the outgoing official was already facing citations from the opposition in the provincial Legislature and now a criminal complaint for falsification is added to him.

“Given the events that have taken place, regarding the actions carried out by the Director General of Police on the ascent to Mount Aconcagua, and in order to carry out an investigation with full transparency, on this day I have requested his resignation from Roberto Munives”, reported Levrino at a press conference that took place this afternoon.

The letter endorsed by Munives with false data.The Sun – Mendoza

Levrino said that he had the support of Governor Suárez in the decision. He also stated that he hadappreciation” Y “respect for professionalism” of the police chief, now hacked by the complaints. In the same contact with the press, the official announced that the hitherto deputy chief Marcelo Calipo will be the new manager of the Provincial Police.

Roberto Munives was involved in a huge scandal after it became known that he had taken his wife on a climbing expedition in the Aconcagua Provincial Park. The person in charge of the Rescue Patrol, Ariel Astudillo, under the orbit of the head of the force, had submitted on January 4 a request for authorization with false data.

Specific, Munives endorsed a note before the Directorate of Natural Resources in which he informed that both he, his partner, and two other officers of the Rescue Patrol, who would participate in the ascent, they had the doses of the covid-19 vaccine applied and negative swabs.

On January 15, the group reached summit C of Cerro Aconcagua. Delsouc, a lawyer who even gives training at the Ministry of Security, according to El Sol, portrayed the moment on her Instagram account.

Delsouc publication in social networks.
Delsouc publication in social networks.

As it turned out later, Munivesthe head of the force, has two applied doses of Sinopharm and one booster of Astrazeneca. Of the rest of the participants, one of the assistants has only one dose of Sputnik, while the other effective has applications of the immunizer from the Gamaleya Center. The lawyer is the only one who did not receive any inoculation.

Before the consultation of the press, Delsouc tried to justify himself. “What happens is three months ago I came out of cancer treatment. And they gave me a vaccine and since it produced a reaction, they suspended the regimen. I did a PCR before going up ”, he recorded.

“I find it painful that they call me to make this proposal and not for the cause itself, which has been this expedition that cost me horrors. this was humane”, explained the lawyer, who had unfurled a flag in favor of the fight against breast cancer at the summit.

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