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The Chinese links of Mario Ishii, the last passenger of the entourage for the presidential tour

Mario Ishii he is the only mayor who will be part of the president’s entourage Alberto Fernandez on the tour that will take him to Russia and China, with a stopover in Barbados, next week. The communal chief of José C. Paz, who has governed the district since 1999 only with a pause period, has known Fernández since the president was chief of staff of Nestor Kirchner. He also organized a massive campaign event for him in the last elections and received him in his district the day the cataract of resignations led by the Minister of the Interior broke out, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, after STEP. But the factor that imposes on the entourage this historic mayor of the suburbs, prolific in terms of controversies, is his link with china from agreements that he motorized with his municipality even before formally becoming the mayor.

As reported yesterday THE NATION From official sources, Ishii “travels because, of the mayors, he is the one who has the most work with China.” His link with the country he governs Xi Jinping It dates back to at least 1995, the year in which José C. Paz was constituted as a municipality after the division of General Sarmiento’s district into three districts (the others are Malvinas Argentinas and San Miguel). That kickoff was a “twinning with the Chinese province of Liaoning”, indicated in the district. In those years, Ishii was a councilman and the mayor was the former soccer player Ruben Glaria. In 1999, the current communal chief would be elected to that position for the first time.

“After, the municipality was twinned with four major Chinese provincess”, they told THE NATION local sources who remarked that, at the beginning of the relationship, “China was very bad” and interested in getting food. They also pointed out that Ishii contacted them with Mar de Plata to market fish from that city.

The Mayor of José C. Paz, with the President and Tolosa PazPresidency

Close to the mayor, they recalled that the link between José C. Paz and China continued in times of Cambiemos. “With electric cars, [el expresidente Mauricio] macri He did not give him a ball, ”they point out. In 2017, the communal chief announced that the Chinese company Dongfeng would produce electric buses in the district. They also recalled efforts to extend the “twinning” to the Chinese province of Hubei and link it with the province of Buenos Aires, when it governed Maria Eugenia Vidal. “In La Plata they offered coffee to Chinese businessmen; Ishii made them a roast”, they pointed out in the district.

“They send professionals, doctors have come to train,” they explained about the exchange with China. “He twinned his municipality with China in the first administration, and has a hospital made with Chinese funds and other investments”, they affirmed in the Government. In the Municipality they maintained that the Chinese “wanted to buy food” and that they were interested in “the cultural, educational and, finally, the commercial part.”

Ishii traveled to China seven times. Descendant of Japanese immigrants, he is shown as an admirer of Eastern societies. In his district he received representatives of the Chinese government on different occasions.

The mayor of José C. Paz, who was hospitalized last year in serious condition due to coronavirus, is a subscriber to the controversies who forged a good relationship with the President. Ten days after the PASO, he hosted Fernández at a ceremony in his district to inaugurate a Faculty of Medical Sciences, in which he said that “one day, the people are going to rise up against the media.”

After the defeat in the PASO, the President shared with Ishii the inauguration ceremony of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of José C. Paz
After the defeat in the PASO, the President shared with Ishii the inauguration ceremony of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of José C. PazSilvana Colombo – THE NATION

On September 15 of last year, in one of the most turbulent days of his presidency, when Minister De Pedro made his resignation available in a gesture followed by other officials who respond to Cristina KirchnerFernández shared a lunch with Ishii at José C. Paz. “They ate some steaks,” they pointed out to THE NATION in that opportunity.

Ishii usually defines himself as a “Nestorist”, a label that brings him closer to the President, former Chief of Staff during the Kirchner presidency. “He is doing very well with the President, he knows him from the time of Néstor”, they commented in the surroundings of the mayor.

In July 2020, Ishii was caught in the eye of the storm by a home video in which he is seen arguing with municipal ambulance officers and telling them that he covered them “when they sell falopa with the ambulances.” It was one more controversy of the mayor, which led to a judicial investigation without relevant progress and an attempt to interpellate the opposition in the Deliberative Council that did not prosper either.

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