May 16, 2022 3:28 pm

Snowfall in Andalusia and the Canary Islands, but the anticyclone continues to rule

The last week of January has started with some changes, but an anticyclonic environment with frost and clear skies continues to prevail in most of the country, a situation that could last until the beginning of February.

Natacha Payà 2 min

In the last hours we are having some exceptions to the anticyclonic weather that prevails in most of the country. In the Canary Islands and in the south there are rains and snowfalls, which have turned the Sierra Nevada and the Canarian peaks white. This instability is the reflection of a drop of cold air in height that will be directed towards the Canary archipelago.

Said pocket of cold air is expressed on the surface in the form of downpours and snow in the highest areas of the Canary Islands, which will tend to withdraw by the end of the week. On the other hand, the rainfall and the lift will decrease in the final stretch of the week in the Strait area, in Andalusia and in points in the southeast of the peninsula.

Over the weekend the showers will leave the Canary Islands and the south, and the high pressures will remain at least until the first days of February.

However, the anticyclonic environment and stability will continue to be the protagonists in the rest of the Peninsula and in the Balearic Islands. This situation will most likely last until the first days of February, at least according to our confidence model.

Definitely, persists the anticyclonic Blockade, shining the sun in most of the country, the mists will appear in the valleys of the interior and morning frost They will be intense in cities like Soria and Teruel. The perfect cocktail to unleash others complicated situations such as pollution or drought.

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