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Ricardo Arjona: a wedding in Las Vegas, a contentious divorce and a low-key romance

Little is known about the love life of Ricardo Arjona. At least, little is found in its official version. Reluctant to bare his intimacy to the world if it is not in the form of a song, The Guatemalan singer-songwriter is known -by his mouth- for two great loves, three children and a contentious divorce. And the times he spoke about his life with the press, his stories and phrases could well have ended up as a ballad. Overcome the most difficult chapter of his life, with crossed accusations, today he enjoys his day to day with the Venezuelan model Deisy Arvelo and his youngest son, Nicolás.

Arjona was 24 years old and an album in tow –Let me tell you that I love you-, when in 1988, after a short hiatus, he decided to travel to Argentina to participate in the OTI Song Festival. And although he left the event empty-handed, During his stay he met Leslie Torres, a 19-year-old Puerto Rican model who captivated him with her beauty.. The crush was such that the relationship became established very quickly and, after a few months of long-distance love, in 1989 Arjona moved to Mexico with her. After four years of love, Adria was born –who today shines as an actress in Hollywood-, and two years later, Ricardo. In the middle, an impulsive act that over time would cost him serious accusations, great pain and a lot of money: he married on impulse in a chapel in Las Vegas.

Leslie Torres with the two children she had with Ricardo Arjona, Adria and Ricardo

In 2017, Arjona gave Susana Giménez an exclusive interview in Miami. At that time, after hearing some reflections of the diva on love and long-term couples, the Guatemalan broke free and revealed how he ended up with a wedding ring on his ring finger. “Do you know how I got married? I never talked about this ”, he shot to the surprise of the diva. “I already had my daughter and I went to Las Vegas. I hadn’t recorded the album yet. Nocturnal animal. I was having a lot of difficulties. I went overland from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. I was driving in a rented car. Before arriving I saw a place with many lights. I thought it was Vegas, but it wasn’t. They were casinos, but they belonged to a couple of hotels before they arrived. I had 400 dollars in my bag and I went into a casino and said: ‘I’m going to win a lot of money here’. And I lost everything ”, Arjona began his story.

With no money in his pocket, Arjona arrived in Las Vegas, rented a room in a small “motelito” around the center of Sin City, and discovered that Leslie had hidden money. “I took the 75 dollars and went to play and I won. I didn’t show up all night and she was looking for me with the firefighters everywhere. Really. The firefighters told her: ‘Miss, this is Las Vegas. How is he going to be looking for a guy? `”, he recalled with a laugh.

What followed was a mix of excitement, guilt, and an offer that was hard to refuse. “When I returned with money because I earned more than what I brought and had left in the other place, I saw a sign that said: ‘200 dollars with limousine included. Marriage. I already had my daughter. I had never believed in marriage, it seems to me that it is a frightening resource, right?, but I had had a little beer, I was especially excited, I had won a talk…”. In the middle of the process, Arjona distrusted its veracity, but went ahead: “I thought: ‘This can’t be legal’ because the guy didn’t ask me for the document. I married like this, without much conviction, rather to please”.

His most difficult stage:
His most difficult stage: “I got married in five minutes and divorced in almost seven years,” Arjona joked after his contentious divorce

The end of love with Leslie Torres and everything that followed was, for Arjona, the bitterest swallow of his life. After separating, the model filed for divorce in Miami in 2002. As it turned out, Torres argued among the reasons for separating that the relationship was very stormy and included physical violence, while Arjona defended himself and also made strong accusations in addition to requesting custody of the couple’s children. Due to conflicts of jurisdiction and bureaucracy, the divorce was finalized only in 2006, with shared custody of the children and a significant pension from the interpreter to his ex. The accusations against him were never verified. “I got married in five minutes and I got divorced in almost seven years,” Arjona joked with Susana. However, the episode left traces in his life and in his career.

“It was a very difficult stage. Especially when you have to live it with your mouth shut, as I decided to live it, right? I decided not to speak. I never spoke. I never defended myself and what was said was tremendous. I think it has been the most difficult stage of my life, without a doubt. The strongest, the most complicated, the most difficult to carry”, he confessed to the Aztec television program windowing when the process finished.

“I have an environment that sustains me and makes me strong. I have my family. They know who I am. I don’t have to come here to explain if I’m capable of hitting someone or not. They know where I come from, who I am. I changed the channel and tremendous things were said and I don’t want to come and blame it all on the other side. I’m not for that. I never meant to blame, but there are a lot of people who benefit from this kind of breakup. For me it was very strong. More than for me, for the ears of my father and my mother, and the ears of my children. I care very little what people think of me.”

Ricardo Arjona with his current partner, the Venezuelan model Deisy Arvelo
Ricardo Arjona with his current partner, the Venezuelan model Deisy ArveloMS/The Grosby Group

His relationship with Torres had not yet ended when Arjona met the Venezuelan model Deisy Arvelo.: It was during the recording of the video clip of the song “Dime que no”, in 1998. However, recently in 2006 they decided to formalize the relationship and four years later to enlarge the family with the arrival of Nicolás. Neither of them is fond of talking about their privacy. However, she usually shares postcards of the three of them on her Instagram account and he, being inspired by her, his “Batgirl”, and his little son to compose: “And that’s how the years went by. At home now we eat three. Advice for strangers. Don’t leave anything for later”.

Neither a stolen photo, nor a home video: Ricardo Arjona’s love life has two absolute protagonists and none of them hid it from the media. However, throughout his career there were several women who claimed to have had an affair with the interpreter. Loves that Arjona never took charge of.

Perhaps the story that caught the most attention was the one that Alicia Machado revealed two years ago on a TV show. To the famous Venezuelan businesswoman and former Miss Universe, invited to the late-show Mexican Tu-Night, They Asked “What famous married man tried to get you into bed?” “Really, am I being honest with you? Ricardo Arjona”, he answered and left everyone in the study with their mouths open. “It was rough. If they tell me to say, then I’ll tell you, “he concluded. Once the pot was uncovered, some gossip programs completed the information: the relationship would have lasted nine years and it was during their divorce proceedings. Arjona, who never referred to the subject, would have written two songs for him: “Holy sin” and “Nude”. For his part, the singer denied having had a love affair with Machado and assured that they were just friends.

A famous local who assured that something also happened with Arjona It was… Patricia Saran! “I met Arjona in Mar del Plata. I was eating with my dad and he came over to our table and asked if we were a couple. He took me outside and started singing to me. He was doing theater there. Look if I am naive that I asked him: ‘Do you also like Arjona?

Meanwhile, Arjona, far from the rumours, continues with his family, without papers and in his refuge in Miami, as he told Susana back in 2011: “Improvising every day. As it should be”.

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