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In a video, Shakira showed that her eldest son inherited her talent for music

On January 22, Milan, the eldest son of Shakira and Gerard Piqué, turned 9 years old. To commemorate that special day, the Colombian singer dedicated heartfelt words to the little boy and proudly showed that his heir follows his path in the world of music. In a video, he is seen playing the drums with a lot of passion and concentration.

“Milan, on your day I look back and see how much you have grown and how you begin to flourish. You never cease to amaze me. How loving and generous you are to your family and friends. The values ​​that you already defend at such a young age and the colossal effort that you invest in everything you do add to your talent and they make you shine with your own light”, described the artist about her son’s personality.

Shakira celebrated her son’s birthday with heartfelt words (Photo Instagram @shakira)

Along the same lines, she added: “I am proud of who you are and I love you with all my being, in an impossible way that only a mother can understand and I still don’t know how to describe.” Along with the heartfelt words, the “Waka Waka” singer shared a video of the moment when Milan takes a drum class and shows his great ability to play this instrument.

“We knew that he would inherit all his mother’s talent”; “In addition to talent, they are very similar physically”; “How beautiful it is”; “I love it”; “What a beautiful Shakira mom”; “What a great talent, just like his mother”; “Your words move me,” were some of the comments left by the singer’s fans in the post.

But, the 9-year-old boy not only plays that instrument, but, as Shakira showed in previous posts, he also knows the piano.

The little boy also usually accompanies the artist when she makes her recordings, to the point that she called him her “new producer.”

Shakira shares her days to pure music with her son (Photo Instagram @shakira)
Shakira shares her days to pure music with her son (Photo Instagram @shakira)

Although the singer and Piqué always preferred to protect their family life, that changed during the pandemic. Shakira began to show some moments that she shares with the two children for pure fun. Since then, she is more open to sharing on Instagram the pride she feels for both of them, who have already demonstrated their preferences in terms of hobbies.

While the eldest of his two sons is devoted to the world of music, the younger –Sasha-ya is emerging as an athlete, like his father, a Barcelona defender.

Sasha practices martial arts (Photo Instagram @shakira)
Sasha practices martial arts (Photo Instagram @shakira)

From a very young age, Sasha was related to the world of sports: he practices tennis, surfing, soccer and currently performs martial arts. And of course, his mother accompanies him in every activity he does and encourages him to keep going.

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