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He went to a party, his car was stolen and he found it days later with an unexpected surprise

The last weekend, while Vitor Mangino (18) was driving to a party in the Vila Margarida region of Brazil, he never imagined that the night would end up taking a nasty turn (or not so much). He parked the vehicle on a street around 11 p.m. and returned to the scene at 3 a.m. to leave. But, while I was at the party, his car was stolen and, of course, he didn’t find out until dawn, when he wanted to go home. “At that point, it took me a while to think about the robbery, I thought I had forgotten where I left it.”

“When I got to the place where I had parked, my car was no longer there. I was desperate. I looked everywhere, but couldn’t find it.” What Mangino didn’t know at the time was that this event would ultimately change his life forever.


He called his parents and made a police report about his stolen car. That same day, Vitor learned through groups of friends that three other vehicles had been stolen and set on fire. “I thought my car would have burned down too and I’d never find it again.” In the following days, as he received no news, he began to worry that he was lost forever and was about to give him up when, finally, a call surprised him.

“It was the police sergeant. They had found my car in the Moreninha area. He asked me if I had also lost a dog. Said: No, just the car. And the policeman replied: Well there’s a dog on top of your car and it refuses to leave or let anyone near.. When I heard that, I got goosebumps.” When I got the news, I was at an aunt’s house on the other side of town. “I just got down on my knees and started crying and thanked God. Then I flew to the place where the police informed me that my car was.”


Arriving there, Vitor found the vehicle damaged, but not on fire. “How nice,” he thanked. But when he saw the dog on top of the car, it seemed like he had known him for years. “He was happy, rocking all over the place, it felt like he had been my partner for a long time. “. Even though it was the first time she had seen this mysterious pup, she felt a connection right away. “He was very nice to me,” Mangino said. “He acted like we had been friends forever.”

It seemed that Mangino’s car now came with a dog. He decided to adopt it and named it Heineken. He was malnourished and dirty. The next day, Heineken was given a nice bath and then taken to the vet for consultations and tests. He was treated by veterinarian Helder Oliveira from the Casa do Catioro Clinic. “We did all the veterinary checkups to find out how his health was. We are confident that you will soon regain weight and get better. The story is incredible, it seems that he himself chose Vitor”, said the veterinarian, who was even moved.

Heineken and Victor
Heineken and Victor

As for the car, Vitor will have to invest about four thousand reais in damages and now he goes to his job as an electrician by bicycle, while he fights to get the vehicle repaired. The stolen car was a Corsa model 2000, which Vitor bought 8 months ago and still has many installments to pay.

Where exactly Heineken came from is anyone’s guess. But one thing is for sure: now he has a house. Unfortunately, the theft left Mangino’s car with some damage: the engine had been tampered with and the sound system was missing. But knowing that everything led him to meet Heineken, Mangino does not feel sad about the situation. “I had a loss of about a thousand dollars. But at least I gained a friend. I will make him the happiest dog in the world.”

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