May 15, 2022 5:11 pm

He wanted to suffocate his partner, they charged him with attempted murder but the Justice sent him to the field

A 36-year-old man who was charged with attempted murder after suffocating his partner will be sent to a field, and not to jail, by Justice, which considers that prohibiting his freedom given the circumstances is an excessive measure.

The incident occurred in the city of Santa Fe. There the aggressor was intercepted by police officers while attacking a woman. However, the Justice determined that he move to the field at the time that the investigation of the case is carried out. The decision, controversial since the prosecution requested preventive detention, was taken by Judge José Luis García Troiano, who assured that taking away his freedom “is excessive.”

In the early hours of last Saturday, Miguel Fernando M. He arrived at his home in the Acería neighborhood of the capital city of the province of Santa Fe, together with his brother-in-law. According to sources close to the investigation, cited by The Coast, was intoxicated.

Then the victim, the defendant’s partner, was taking care of her 10-year-old son, the product of another marriage, and her nephew, her brother’s son. After her brother and nephew left the house, the neighbors saw that she and the accused began to argue at the door of the house, until he took her inside the house.

According to the testimony of the 10-year-old boy, the victim’s son, the man began to subdue his mother and beat her in the matrimonial room. It was then that he ran into the street to ask for help, shouting “My stepfather wants to kill my mother” so that they would call 911.

A mobile from the Radioelectric Command attended the home and realized that a neighbor contained the child at the door of the house. The little boy explained what had happened to the two policemen, who entered and found Miguel on the double bed, pressing his arm from behind on the woman’s neck.

The officers then ordered her to be released, while she asked for help, but the aggressor kept trying to suffocate her, according to sources from the investigation, so they reduced him by force.

After handcuffing him, the woman tried to get up but fainted and was assisted by an agent who joined the aid. Upon regaining consciousness, he denounced the man, for which he was transferred to Substation 12.

In that unit, the woman explained what happened and a forensic doctor checked the injuries she had on her neck and hip.

Then the cause led to the prosecutor on duty Alejandra Del Río Ayala, who, given the facts exposed by the witnesses requested that the aggressor be charged with the crime of “Attempted qualified homicide aggravated by the bond” and yesterday requested the preventive detention of the accused by exposing the existence of the risks of escape and obstruction of evidence.

Meanwhile, the public defender of the aggressor, Javier Casco, proposed alternative measures to mitigate these dangers exposed by the prosecutor. Judge García Troiano then analyzed the situation and concluded that those measures requested by Miguel’s legal representative would be sufficient, for which he was released on the grounds that “Pretrial detention is excessive in this case.”

Thus, the magistrate ordered the release of the accused and conditioned it on the man moving to a field near the María Luisa commune, since the owner of said place, who is a former employer of Miguel, agrees to exercise legal custody, house him and employ him.

In addition, it resolved the prohibition of approaching the victim within a thousand meters and the prohibition of contacting her personally, through social networks or through third parties.

For her part, the woman now receives support from the Women’s Area so that she can become independent of her relationship and can recognize the danger in which his life was, is detailed in the case according to the prosecutor.

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