May 18, 2022 6:53 pm

Has Marta Riesco been fired from the Ana Rosa program?




The table of the heart ‘The Ana Rosa program’ has once again put on the table the possible divorce of Anthony David Flores Y Olga Moreno, taking advantage of the exit this Wednesday of the magazines of the heart. After announcing this Tuesday Marisa Blazquez that the former ‘Survivors’ contestant “is not going to sign any divorce”, the gathering, along with Joaquín Prat, have been considering the possible paths in which this story of infidelity can lead.

At the moment, Olga Moreno has been calm, as has been seen in the images broadcast, although she has not commented on this possible divorce, a silence that collides with the attitude that Antonio David Flores has adopted, which is not other than praising his still wife.

behind the pictures, Alessandro Lecquio has pointed out that «Olga has always been a woman of silence», while Michelangelo Nicholas He added: “Antonio David does not want to lose his family because he loves his children.” To this, we must add the images that the magazine ‘Semana’ publishes, in which Olga Moreno bursts into tears in her car with dew flowers. A series of reactions that have led to the heart table of ‘Ana Rosa’s program’ to launch the big question: “Will it end up being a formal or paperless divorce?”.

On the other hand, the absence of Marta I can in the Ana Rosa program has all alarms on and many languages ​​were already speaking of a dismissal of the journalist. A rumor that Joaquín Prat wanted to deny before going to publicity: «Marta Riesco is on a day off and will return tomorrow».

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