May 17, 2022 2:40 pm

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Official statistics on Tuesday recorded 382 Spaniards who died of Covid or of pathologies aggravated by the virus. The data, together with the increase in hospitalizations and the overwhelming extension of the contagion, leaves the thesis of ‘flu’ quite badly. The transformation into an endemic disease will come, without a doubt, but it still seems far away: neither the most serious flu season of the last decade, that of 2017-18, spread at that speed, nor did it cause a mortality like the current one, nor did it leave sequels persistent, nor did primary care services collapse so much. And a subvariant of Ómicron has just appeared in Denmark, with similar transmission power although more difficult to be detected. However, the authorities have thrown in the towel. I know

they have resigned themselves to mass infection and their main concern now consists of minimizing the labor impact of the plague by trying to reduce sick leave periods by force.

For at least three weeks the Ministry of Health has not been heard any instructions, any criteria, any notice: only the calculation of new cases, hospital incidence and other details of the registry. In reality, he has never left the contemplative state and when he leaves his absenteeism it is to announce some random measure without providing a single argument of scientific support. This has happened, for example, with the sudden decision to delay the third dose for those infected from one to five months, who are pushed into confusion due to lack of explanations about the reasons for the change. This compulsive behavior without method or logic, based on spasms and lurches, leaves an unequivocal sensation of arbitrary whim, bewilderment, daze, lack of leadership. In short, chaos. And the premature threat of ‘influenza’ the pandemic is turning out to be another trigger before which the president, so quick to postulate it, has slipped away to pretend to be in command of the management of the Ukrainian conflict. He always finds some task with which to ignore his failures.

Discouragement has also taken hold of regional leaders, increasingly tired of being the only ones still on the front line. Little by little they are joining the strategy of desistance and passive resistance. The idea of ​​living with the virus, which consisted of preventing it from paralyzing productive activity, has been transformed into one of giving up fighting it, assimilating it as a routine waiting for it to die itself out. And the result is care phones that communicate, unmotivated health professionals, patients who self-manage their symptoms and return to work with a contaminating viral load. A silent, underground, unattended Covid, not a controlled Covid. And several hundred daily deaths assimilated with the coldness of a bureaucratic file.

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