May 20, 2022 7:46 pm

An impressive storm of rain and wind in Mar del Plata caused flooding in the city center

SEA OF THE SILVER A impressive and temporary rain and wind it was unleashed during the last moments of the beach and caused flooding in areas of the downtown and the outskirts.

For almost two hours straight it rained heavily, a situation warned about mid-afternoon by the National Metereological Service (SMN) and spread by the municipality almost at the same time that the first strong showers stand out.

Flooded streets in Mar de PlataMauro V. Rizzi

There is still no reference to the volume of rain that has fallen, but if it was good enough for many of the outfalls are clogged. The immediate consequence was the flooding of streets, including some avenues near the coast and neighborhoods near the center.

Bags of waste that sailed in that sea in which some streets had become, with water from sidewalks and waves that were armed by the passage of vehicles, in some cases with enough force to enter private homes.

Flooded streets in Mar del Plata
Flooded streets in Mar de PlataMauro V. Rizzi

The storm had been announced but were expected of lesser magnitude. He arrived shortly before 6:20 p.m., after a hot day and once again crowded beaches. to enjoy temperatures of nearly 30 degrees, as from Sunday.

The coast is experiencing its best moments of the current season, with over 85% occupancy and very sunny days, ideal for enjoying the sun and the sea.

This storm that lasted until nightfall is the last bad leg for tourists, forecasters anticipate. With a relative drop in temperature, days suitable for the beach are announced starting tomorrow and until Saturday with maximum temperatures of up to 27 degrees.

“It was a typical summer storm, with rapid development,” said Rodrigo Goncálvez, head of the area. “We had the warning from the National Weather Service. More than 20 mm fell in a very short time, so we had several scenarios of flooding due to saturation of rainwater. Is a physical issue, not all have the same diameter drains “

The official confirmed that despite heavy rains evacuations of families were not necessary by ingress of water or damage to homes. If power outages are in stages of repair work on drains for water drainage normalized accumulated public roads occurred instead.

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