May 19, 2022 2:38 am

Alfie Pugsley case: tall, short, fat, skinny… rugby covers everyone equally

The discrimination that Alfie suffered is the daughter of ignorance. Rugby is an inclusive sport that covers everyone equally: tall, short, fat, skinny. The one who is not the fastest or the most skilled ends up being the most loved by the fast and the skilled., because he is the one who supplies them with the ball to play.

This case also made it clear that it is not young people who discriminate, but that discrimination is a problem for adults. It is very likely that the insult came from someone who does not know rugby, who does not know what the purpose of rugby is. This ends up generating this problem. These are people who do not understand the purpose of this sport, this game. Instead, the boys get it right away: play as a team, play for the 14 teammates who are on the court.

Alfie was harassed when this image appeared on social media; the international rugby community came to his defense.

This further highlights the critical role that clubs play. The game works as a pretext to educate ourselves and then be useful in life. Anyone can be a good scrum coach, anyone can teach how to pass the ball well. But the true teachers are the ones who guide the young people, who need that training. It is worth highlighting more than ever the work of great teachers that Argentina has had, such as Ángel Guastella, Francisco Ocampo and Julián Gutiérrez, from my club, Banco Nación.

Rugby is a game of inclusion. It is, more than anything, a training game, which will be useful to us in life through the relationships we establish, always with the spirit of having fun on and off the pitch, knowing that one belongs to a club and gives everything because. Those who came out to defend Alfie are professionals, but they have had training and feel rugby the way it should be felt, despite the fact that today this sport has become a way of life for them. It is no coincidence that they have sent the Welsh boy public messages of support, affection and admiration, encouraging him to move forward.

World Rugby, the international federation, intervened in Alfie's situation to encourage and support him publicly.
World Rugby, the international federation, intervened in Alfie’s situation to encourage and support him publicly.

It should be noted that despite the growth that rugby has had at the professional level, amateur and training rugby brings together 99% of those who practice this sport. in rugby, training as a person, overcoming adversity, leaning on the other, are more important virtues than jumping well in the line-out.


Hugo Porta was captain of the Pumas and is a member of the Laureus Sports Academy

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