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25 years after the crime, Agustina, the daughter of José Luis Cabezas, presented the photographer’s grandson

25 years after the crime from Joseph Louis Heads, and after a day of events in commemoration of the photojournalist, his daughter Agustina participated in a video in which he presented Riu, the first grandson of the journalist.

In the images broadcast on the House of Culture in General Madariaga, where an exhibition of photos was inaugurated in memory of the photojournalist, Agustina Cabezas remembered her father and presented her two-month-old grandson.

The daughter of José Luis Cabezas presented her two-month-old grandson

“Today is a very special day, although many are, but the anniversary is always a good time to remember and honor. Thank you very much for that and for not forgetting about him and that something like this does not happen again, “said Cabezas’s daughter in the video broadcast at the Madariaga House of Culture. Then, Agustina showed her two-month-old son, Riu, the photojournalist’s first grandson.

Throughout the day, events were held in memory of the journalist. During the morning a ceremony was held in General Madariaga next to the Cabezas monolith. There, in front of the bus station, her sister Gladys led the act and called “end with impunity” in the company of relatives, friends and colleagues of the photographer, such as journalists Gabriel Michi Y Fernando Amato.

Plaque commemorating José Luis Cabezas in the cellar where the journalist was murdered

On the other hand, in the afternoon, family and friends of Cabezas participated in an act in the cellar where Cabezas was assassinated, where they inaugurated a plaque and They planted a tree for the first time.

“That well there is cruel. I come for my old lady, who felt that my brother was here”, expressed Gladys Cabezas. “It’s 25 years without José Luis. Where many things happened. Today he would be 60 years old and have a beautiful grandson whom he could not meet, “said the woman.

“The idea is to be able to remember José Luis, come here and be with him a little bit. We have to keep fighting so that what happened is worthwhile and that there really is a before and after,” said Gladys Cabezas, emphasizing that it was 25 years of fighting for Justice “right.”

“As you know, all the murderers are on the loose and Prellezo graduated as a lawyer and, with his enrollment suspended, he continues to work. So fighting”, concluded the sister of Cabezas.

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