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This Tuesday they pay tribute to José Luis Cabezas 25 years after his murder

family and friends of Joseph Louis Heads will carry out a series of activities this Tuesday in the Buenos Aires city of General Madariaga, a few kilometers from Pinamar, where the crime was committed, to honor the murdered photographer on the day they are fulfilled 25 years after his death.

The photographer’s sister, Gladys Cabezas, indicated that among other planned activities will be planting a tree, something that they repeat every year for this date. Also, he said that there will be special guests and that a plaque will be discovered. The photographer’s sister said that in addition to family and friends, the mayor of Pinamar, Martín Yeza and representatives of Caras y Caretas will attend the tribute.

The woman gave details of the event and specified that at 7:00 p.m. a tree will be planted for the first time in the cellar where he was found dead and a small act will be held. Then, at 8:00 p.m., an exhibition with a video will be inaugurated at the Casa de la Cultura in Madariaga.

Joseph Louis Heads, photographer for Noticias Magazine, was assassinated on January 25, 1997 shot twice in the head and found inside his car, charred, in a cellar at kilometer 385 of Route 11, near the main entrance of Pinamar.

The motive for the crime Joseph Louis Heads was the photo that the photojournalist managed to take from Alfredo Yabran, a businessman with a lot of power at that time in Argentina who made his movements secretly and nobody knew his face.

The photo taken by Cabezas of Alfredo Yabrán was the one that triggered his death

Twenty-five years after the murder of the photographer from the magazine Noticias, which occurred on January 25, 1997, in Pinamar, none of the nine convicted of the murder that shocked the country is in prison.

The Buenos Aires Police Gustavo Prellezo, sentenced to life imprisonment as the perpetrator of the shots that killed Cabezas, enjoys the benefit of parole and works as a lawyer. The sentence imposed by the Court of Appeals of Dolores expires in December of this year. This detail founded the complaint filed by Gladys, the sister of the murdered photographer. Then, the Bar Association revoked his registration because the sentence was not exhausted.

José Luis Cabezas was murdered for doing his job 24 years ago
José Luis Cabezas was murdered for doing his job 24 years ago

The rest of the convicted policemen, Anibal Luna and Alberto Pedro Gomez, Pinamar commissioner at the time of the murder, have been free for almost ten years. Luna lives in General Madariaga y Gómez, in Valeria del Mar. Sergio Camaratta, the other sentenced police officer, died in jail.

While Gregorio Ríos, security chief of Yabrán and an ex-military man, sentenced to life imprisonment, he works as a foreman in a farm in Corrientes. Meanwhile, Héctor Retana, one of the four members of the Los Hornos gang, died in jail. The other three, Horacio Braga, José Luis Auge and Sergio González, were released, but the last of them was arrested again in a drug case.

The Association of Argentine Journalistic Entities (ADEPA) spoke on its Twitter account about this case, which had a strong impact on Argentine society. “A quarter of a century has passed since the brutal murder of photojournalist José Luis Cabezas. Since the return of democracy, it has been without a doubt the most serious attack against freedom of the press, as has been repeatedly defined by @Adepargentina”, they wrote.

In another message, they continued: “The country went through economic crises, institutional deterioration, weak governance and cycles with authoritarian risks, a persistent growth in poverty and an unremitting demand from civil society in defense of their rights and freedoms.”

And they added: “But also a period in which the horror of this murder marked a clear limit for violence and censorship in Argentine society.”

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