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The shortest marriage in history: a woman filed for divorce just three minutes after getting married

A couple who got married in Kuwait in 2019 had the shortest marriage ever: they separated just three minutes after giving the “Yes, I want”. Although it is an unusual episode that occurred a long time ago, now it was back in the news because the reason behind this decision was known, which leaves the boyfriend very badly off.

It all started when after getting married, the bride tripped at the altar and fell to the ground. Instead of helping her the boyfriend made fun of her and called her stupid. Wasting no time, the woman asked the judge to dissolve the marriage.

When the fact became known, the networks did not take long to give their opinion and many gave their support to the woman: “If this is how she acts from the beginning, it is better to leave it,” commented a user of Twitter. Another wrote: “A marriage without respect is a failure”. According to the news portal Q8 News, It is It is the fastest divorce in the history of Kuwait, and probably in the whole world..

The woman could not stand her partner’s attitude and decided to annul the marriage Kindness Paula Burgoa

According to surveys, Kuwait ranks second in the Arab world when it comes to the highest divorce rates. In 2017, statistics published by the Ministry of Justice of that country revealed that around 60 percent of marriages ended in this situation. This places it in sixth place along with Luxembourg. Belgium is number 1 in the ranking with 71 percent. Non-traditional reasons include “interest-based marriages,” suggesting that newlyweds are brought together by the loans and financial assistance provided to them.

You have to go back to 2004 to find a case similar to the one that occurred in Kuwait. A couple from the UK separated after an hour and a half of marriage. After exchanging rings and vows at a registry office near Manchester, 90 minutes later they wanted to back down. It would seem that the bride disagreed with her new husband’s speech, with specific reference to the bridesmaids, and broke an ashtray over his head.

A model was not invited to a wedding because “she looked better” than the bride

When it comes to weddings, there are always anecdotes, some funny, others not so much, that usually leave the private sphere where they happened and move to the networks. Some time ago, a model reported on her TikTok account that she had a bad time because one of her best friends removed her from the guest list because “she looked better dressed for the ceremony” than the future wife.

A model is removed from a wedding because she looked better than the bride.

“My close friend didn’t invite me to her wedding because she thought i would look too good in the dress she picked out for me”, She recounted, surprised by the measure that the woman took towards her. As shown in a series of photos, the dress that the model was going to wear was long, with a heart-shaped neckline and had silver and blue decorations.

Quickly, the young woman’s followers filled the social network with comments: “I could have asked you to change your dress instead of discouraging you” and “I only understood that she is not your friend”, were some of the messages they left him.

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