May 27, 2022 7:10 am

The Generalitat Valenciana offers aid of 5,000 euros to unemployed people who undertake a business activity




The Generalitat, Valenciana, through the Valencian employment and training service Labora, will offer aid of 5,000 euros to unemployed people who undertake a business activity, in an initiative that is part of the European Recovery Instrument (Next Generation EU) through the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism.

In order to benefit from the funds, it will be necessary to have remained at Labora as job seeker until the start of the activity before registering as a self-employed person. In addition, it will be mandatory to carry out the activity in an uninhabited municipality of the Valencian Community or to carry out a project that promotes digitization or the ecological transition.

The municipalities where the business activity can be started can be consulted at
the annex to the aid resolution
, while in order to be eligible for the grant, a report on the viability and compliance with the objectives of the Transformation and Resilience Mechanism by any of the entities, public or private, included in the program must be attached.
Map of Entities of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of the Valencian Community


The deadline for making the request begins to count from this Tuesday and will end on the day October 31, 2022, and the subsidies will be granted depending on the moment in which the aid request is made.

Almost 3,000 people will be able to benefit from the 5,000 euros offered by Labora, a benefit that aims to be a boost for unemployed people to make the decision to undertake and thus improve the Valencian business fabric.

The application is made available to the public through Labora, either electronically through its
Web page
or in person at the territorial offices of the body.

Transformation and Resilience Mechanism

This aid is part of the Transformation and Resilience Mechanism, financed with european funds, which aims to support investment and reforms in Member States to achieve a sustainable and resilient recovery, while enabling a series of reforms based on social justice both at the national and international levels. co-government with the autonomous communities with transferred powers.

The plan contemplates four axes: ecological transition, digital transformation, social and territorial cohesion and gender equality; and these axes guide the ten lever policies destined to determine the future evolution of our country.

Specifically, this action is located in Investment number four on ‘New territorial projects for rebalancing and equity – entrepreneurship and microenterprises‘, and its purpose is to promote entrepreneurial projects that contribute to the establishment of population in territories in a situation or risk of depopulation and that favor the green and digital economy.

Other aid available

Currently, the Generalitat Valenciana has open applications for various grants that seek to support the insertion of women in rural and urban areas, long-term unemployed people over 45 years of age and people with functional diversity or disability.

Specifically, the deadline is still open for local entities in the Valencian Community to carry out orientation and insertion itineraries for women and long-term unemployed people over 45 years of age.

There is also other help with open applications so that private non-profit entities can help integrate people with disabilities into the labor market. functional diversity offering guidance to this group.

To further support the group of women in rural areas, a subsidy is offered to be able to give courses in computer and digital skills women in towns with fewer than 50,000 inhabitants.

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