May 17, 2022 4:25 am

Number one

It’s just an idea. Perhaps even silly. Something that occurred to me during the Djokovic affair in Australia. The tennis player is number one in his activity, I noticed. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had much right to kick. I thus understood that the ultimate root of this crisis was that someone, being number one, intended to go over the law, the rules, the regulations, the regulations.

The idea is simple, small, maybe even silly. But it occurs to me that number ones shouldn’t try to override the law. On the contrary, if they are number one in anything, their attitude should be precisely the opposite: comply with the law with impeccable zeal. Being very good at playing tennis (or doing anything else, even much more relevant activities) should not grant privileges, but the other way around; it should inspire that person who has reached the top – and that in itself is something that only a handful of human beings experience – to behave in an exemplary way. I have the impression, and it is just a hypothesis, that the world would work a little better if the number ones set the example (some do) and assumed the fact that being at the top brings laurels, but also responsibilities. But, tan number one you are not

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