May 16, 2022 1:21 pm

New normal: a system alerts when the capacity in a space is exceeded or when the desks need cleaning

Is it possible to know when the number of people in a place affects the air quality? Or when ventilation is poor? Even if the work area needs cleaning? There is a platform that allows monitoring and acting accordingly on different parameters such as air conditioning, energy consumption, ventilation, capacity, lighting, among others, remotely and centrally.

The system developed by BGH Eco Smart in partnership with Cloud Studio, a company specializing in the Internet of Things (IoT), allows early decisions on environmental quality, biosafety and quality of life in building environments.

How? Through IoT technology, it allows data to be obtained through sensors and actuators from a wide variety of brands and connectivity technologies. This information is hosted in the cloud and managed remotely and centrally, which allows the user to make decisions based on specific and secure information.

BGH Eco Smart and Cloud Studio present IoT solution for safe return to offices; the system detects capacity limitBGH

Among other important variables in the context of the new normal, the platform sends an alarm signal if a desk needs cleaning -it should be remembered that in a hybrid work model this is especially important for health care-. But it also warns if the capacity was exceeded in a space, which significantly reduces the chances of contagion, or the system generates an alarm signal if the air quality is altered by poor ventilation and then alerts users to the need to open the windows or activates the building’s ventilation to increase circulation and reduce CO2 concentration. Another of its functions is aimed at the correct use of energy, for example, if the lighting in different spaces remains active and no movement is detected or the people count is zero, the platform turns off the lights automatically and remote.

One of the advantages of IoT technology, which is growing exponentially globally, is that it uses wireless connectivity, that is, it is installed quickly, safely and without the need for major modifications to the original installation.

In addition, the system has the ability to add custom functions, generate reports, remotely control the facilities and even carry out preventive maintenance, adapting to the specific requirements of each office. This automation of spaces generates better control of the areas of a building, which ultimately affects the health and safety of workers.

In short, the system alerts when the quality of the air is affected, the capacity in a space is exceeded, the desks need cleaning or when electricity is wasted.

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