May 18, 2022 7:51 pm

New black smoke and rain of blank votes in the election of the president of Italy



Second day of black smoke in the election for the President of the Republic. Most of the votes were blank (527), as happened in the first ballot, a blank that reflects the impotence, fragmentation and fragility of Italian politics, unable to achieve a sufficient majority to elect the head of state, although the debate has been dragging on for months. At the end of a convulsive day, there is still no consensus between the political forces, because neither the center right nor the center left have enough numbers for one of their candidates to have a majority, that is, 673 votes, two thirds of the 1009 voters, in the first three ballots, and 505 from the fourth ballot on Thursday.

The prime minister, Mario Draghi, remains in the field as the favorite, but his candidacy for the Quirinal does not take off.

The leaders of the center right have presented, in a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, three candidates for the head of state: the philosopher Marcello Pera, 78 years old, former president of the Senate; Letizia Moratti, former mayor of Milan and former minister of education, and former magistrate Carlo Nordio (74). Marcello Pera comes from Forza Italia, while Moratti and Nordio have been suggested by the leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni.

The candidates proposed by the center right have been rejected by the center left. After a meeting held by their leaders, they have published this joint note: “We do not believe that the necessary broad consensus can be developed on these names.” More resounding has been the leader of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta: “We have not wanted to go to war offering our own candidates. Now enough of tactics, we must find a shared solution. We have to lock ourselves in a room with bread and water and throw away the key until we reach a solution. The country cannot endure more days or weeks of blank votes.”

Draghi, last resort

The prime minister has not appeared on any list, Mario Draghi, although it is still the favorite. It could be the last resort of the political parties, since they cannot agree on a consensus candidate and there is no high-level alternative. For now, most political forces consider that the former president of the European Central Bank should continue as prime minister. Deep down, Draghi does not have much sympathy in Parliament, because they prefer to elect a politician, thus reflecting the supremacy of politics. Most parliamentarians consider Draghi to be a figure of great prestige, surely the best candidate, but they see him as a character who comes from another planet, a distance that politicians express with this phrase: “He is not one of us.” ”. The risk is that the candidacy of Mario Draghi, without a doubt the most internationally prestigious candidate that Italy has today, will end up wearing out or burning slowly.

concern in the country

The show that the Italian political class is giving, which is seen as very distant from the country’s problems, in a health and economic emergency, is not at all edifying. Today there were 468 deaths from Covid and 186,740 new infections. Many sectors, in particular the business world, consider that a country with an astronomical public debt (158% of GDP), and with the eyes of Europe that observe how more than 200,000 million euros from the Reconstruction Fund are invested, without forgetting the serious crisis in Ukraine, cannot afford to continue wasting time on Byzantine or surreal battles, such as Silvio Berlusconi’s candidacy.

In many sectors of the country, parliament is urged to make a decision soon and be aware of what is at stake. For example, the president of the Apulia region, Michele Emiliano, of the Democratic Party, has commented: “We have to make the air that the man in the street breathes feel in parliament. They do not realize what it means to confront the problems of the people… Let us regional presidents and mayors make a request so that Sergio Mattarella continues as president of the Republic”.

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