May 18, 2022 3:46 pm

Justice requested Vidal’s emails and agendas for the meeting with spies at Banco Provincia

The federal judge of La Plata Ernesto Kreplak requested the emails and agendas of the former governor Maria Eugenia Vidal and three of his ministers during the year 2017, when they held their positions, in the context of the investigation of a meeting between former officials, spies and businessmen at the Buenos Aires headquarters of the Banco Provincia, in which evidence was requested against the former leader of the Uocra platense, Juan Pablo “Pata” Medina.

The judge asked the Government, the provincial Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Buenos Aires 2017 emails and agendas belonging to Vidal, and to former ministers Marcelo Villegas and Roberto Gigante, in addition to the former Provincial Undersecretary of Justice Adrián Grassi.

The case was initiated by a complaint from the controller of the Federal Investigation Agency (AFI), Cristina Caamaño, who asserted that in a cleaning of hard drives he found the video of a meeting that took place on June 15, 2017 in the Banco Provincia building in Buenos Aires.

The ex-minister Villegas, construction businessmen, the mayor of La Plata, Julio Garro, participated in that meeting; Provincial Senator Juan Pablo Allan, the former Minister of Giant Infrastructure and former Undersecretary Grassi, as well as three AFI officials. There was talk of gathering evidence against “El Pata” Medina for alleged extortion and threats against businessmen.

The AFI will denounce Julio Garro and former members of the provincial cabinet of María Eugenia Vidal

In the video of the meeting, Villegas is heard stating that he would like to have a “gestapo” (the secret police of Nazism) to stop the union members. He later apologized for these sayings.

Kirchnerism understands that this cause is evidence that there was a “court table” destined to arm causes against trade unionists. Medina and his son are waiting to be tried for extortion, illicit association and money laundering, but after this video they asked for the case to be annulled and presented themselves as victims of a conspiracy.

Judge Kreplak raided the Banco Provincia, the municipality of La Plata and the houses and offices of the officials who appeared in the images.

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