May 14, 2022 5:37 pm

He murdered his ex-partner and committed suicide by shooting in Córdoba

A man stabbed to death his ex-partner, whose body was found on the side of a route in the Cordovan town of Balnearia. The murderer confessed the fact to his children and then shot himself to death.

the body of Silveiro José Roldán, 57, who had been wanted since last Saturday on suspicion of killing Laura Lydia Palacios, 50, mother of his five children, was found yesterday in an area known as Trinchera, located approximately two kilometers from Altos de Chipión, where he lived.

According to the first information, Roldán had shot himself with a 16-gauge shotgun, which caused his death at the scene, according to Télam.

According to the information provided by the spokesmen, the man went to the house where his children and those of Palacios lived, to whom he told them “I sent a booger, I killed her”, after which he fled.

The spokesmen reported that the femicide occurred last Saturday afternoon when Roldán and Palacios were traveling on a motorcycle, aboard which the man took his ex-partner to a vacant lot located a few meters from Provincial Route 17.

In that place, Roldán would have attacked the woman with a knife, with which she produced a deadly cut on her neck, a deep cut on her neck. The body was found next to the weapon used in the crime and the motorcycle on which she was taken to the scene, the informants added. The sources added that Palacios had already suffered episodes of violence from her ex-partner.

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