May 14, 2022 10:08 am

Environment: we attack the effects and not the cause

The governments of the world meet to discuss the effects on the climate, the deterioration of the environment and how to reduce them.

Non-governmental and non-profit organizations warn about global warming, the destruction of forests, the treatment of waste, the emission of gases into the atmosphere, etc.

But all those actions are determined by the needs of humans to live that can be replaced by more efficient means and with greater controls. If the forest is cut down, is it for the simple fact of destroying it or to gain space to grow food?

Today on the planet we are more than 7,000 million human beings. If on average we weigh 50 kilograms, we have a growing mass of 350 million tons of weight at 36 ºC that acts by heating the atmosphere and also demanding inputs and food to live that generate pollution in the atmosphere to a greater or lesser extent.

Pandemics may have been nature’s way of preventing uncontrolled population growth.

In 1900 the population was 2,000 million and the Spanish flu caused 50 million deaths (4% of the population). Today, thanks to science, there are 5.3 million deaths from Covid-19, that is, less than 0.1%.

Not that I wish there were more deaths, please. What I express is that I believe that the persistence of the coronavirus to regenerate into new strains to commit its fatal task, may be a sign from nature that tells us that in addition to caring for the environment, we have to think about limiting the growth of the human race. The cause and its effects.

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