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Elías Sacal thus forgives the betrayal of Mar Flores



The model Mar Flores and businessman Elías Sacal they form one of the most unstable couples on the social scene due to their numerous ups and downs and temporary breaks ever since they started dating five years ago. Let us remember that in November the couple decided to leave the country in the middle of their latest controversy over some audios of Mar that came to light in where he did not leave his partner in a good place and it was also revealed that she had betrayed several of her friends.

The model tried to catch Sacal with the Mexican Rossana Lerdo, «My only interest is that you catch them ugly and fat…. I want the ugliest and the fattest to come out, ” said in them.

Apparently, the two have already forgotten this controversial parenthesis of their relationship, They are still together and have plans for the future.

The couple enjoys the streets of Madrid – Lagencia-Crush

Now, with the beginning of 2022, it seems that, after some complicated moments, their relationship has come out stronger and proof of this is that they could be looking for a house in Madrid where the children of the model also reside. In fact, last week Elías Sacal could be seen visiting various buildings in the city, which reinforces this idea that the Mexican businessman would be interested in settling in Madrid.

Elías Sacal wants to move in with his girlfriend
Elías Sacal wants to move in with his girlfriend – Lagencia-Crush

This search for a flat could indicate that the reconciliation is finally final. Here, we can see the lovebirds from one place to another looking for a home. The couple exudes elegance with two looks that attract attention. Mar Flores opted for a total look blue, in which his hat from the Charo Iglesias workshop stands out. While Elías opted for a matching navy blue outfit with his girlfriend.

What an elegance Mar Flores exudes
What an elegance Mar Flores exudes – Lagencia-Crush

And although the relationship between Elías and Mar has never been characterized by its stability, now, It seems that they are more determined than ever. So, despite the fact that these days they have not been seen dedicating affectionate gestures, they have spent time together.

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