May 14, 2022 5:51 pm

Do we have more sex in summer?

In summer, according to our biology, sexuality is activated. Hormones are mobilized more. Added to this is that we tend to be more relaxed, with time for leisure and with much less clothing, which paves the way for you to connect with your enjoyment.

Who has not heard: ‘I fell in love at first sight’? Those summer loves that sometimes last and other times remain as a flash in the memory.

There are multiple studies on the weather and sexuality: sexual chemistry is known to change throughout the year. In summer the number of hours of sunshine increases and this explains, according to scientists, why crushes and our sexual activity grow with the heat.

According to the Spanish researcher Peré Estupinya, sexual behavior responds to a balance between two systems of excitation and inhibition, which, in turn, are conditioned by physiological and psychological factors. Hormones play their role here, but so do behavior, the partner, the environment and the weather. And, all this, “alters our erotic activity.”

But why does summer arouse sexual desire? Is there a chemistry of desire? The sexologist and couples therapist Analía Pereyra He replies emphatically: “Yes. And the protagonist of the hormonal whirlwind is called testosterone, a preponderant hormone in the world of erotic crushes, which reaches a high level in summer.

As this professional explains, Educator in Human Sexuality, “Not only is testosterone activated in large quantities, but also serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter with an influence on pleasure, and pheromones, which are the substances that we release through our skin during the summer and as our body is more exposed, they act like sexual magnets between people.”

With the increase in temperature and hours of light there is a change at the level of the nervous system and the production of hormones is more active, which means that we are more predisposed to find ourselves sexually erotic.

Beatriz Literat, medical Clinical Sexologist and Gynecologist of the Department of Sexual Medicine Breath Medico Institute refers that summer vacations were always a time to relax, explore new activities alone or with the family and to be able to rediscover ties from a place of less stress and demand.

With all the more reason, this holiday season with a pandemic that, at times, allows us to get closer to the social life that was enjoyed before, stimulates us to think about how healthy and pleasant it is to exercise a full sexuality.

“Sexual activity in its broadest meaning is present in life 24 hours a day, it is nourished by vital energy and modulated by hormones and thousands of chemical substances that help it to unfold in its different biological, emotional and and spiritual. All of them in balance, lead to a state of well-being that not only satisfies the person himself, but also promotes a healthy and enthusiastic attachment with the partner, which generates greater energy and creativity for many and diverse activities of daily life” , he points out.

He adds that there are countless people who find in the exercise of a healthy sexuality on vacation an important energy resource to improve general health, mood, the bond with the couple and even a better disposition for any other aspect of their life that can be optimized.

“Couples who want to get pregnant, whether or not they are undergoing fertility treatment, can find in their sexuality on vacation the fullness that a change of scenery implies and the possibility of a love encounter free from the anxiety of achieving the result, which is going to favor a posteriori, the achievement of conception”, he exemplifies.

And he also mentions that couples with children, on the other hand, can find spaces to create their own “mini honeymoon”, that is, a reunion that, in addition to refreshing the couple, allows them to face coexistence with the children from a place of greater happiness and energy. Many people with chronic health problems can incorporate healthy eating, exercise and leisure routines, reconnecting with their “sexual being”, and getting their immune system to help improve their physical and emotional quality of life.

“From now on, those who are without a partner have the opportunity to discover their resources and social skills, such as empathy, harmony and assertiveness, among others, with people who are alone like them and show their multiple emotional capacities to generate interesting, challenging situations that stimulate our own growth as human beings”, he adds.

As he says, “perhaps a misunderstood sexuality has been ‘on vacation’ throughout the year and this is the time to reconnect with the real one, understand it better and put it into action.”

The increase in ambient temperature has an impact on the human body, leaving it stimulated and more sexually awake. Therefore, during the summer season there is a higher rate of infidelity.

According to records of Second Love, the exclusive dating site for infidels from Latin America, starting in mid-December and throughout the summer the search for lovers increases by 45% compared to other times of the year and 55% of users said they were unfaithful during the holidays.

In turn, there are spikes in connectivity on the site: users are more active and online for longer: before going to work, during lunch and at night, and there are more sexual encounters.

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