May 14, 2022 11:44 am

Boris and me



The prime minister’s parties were mine. As soon as I could, I broke every law that existed to go to clandestine restaurants with my family and friends, as an act of pleasure but also heroic against tyranny. The confinement was stupid, any past or present aggression against bars and restaurants is absurd, sterile and deeply damaging to the economy, that is, to life. Death -and this is important for you to understand- is not that you die from an accident or a virus. This is dying. Death is not being able to pay what you owe, what you need.

Boris Johnson’s problem is that when his infections got out of control, he gave in to the mob and did not have the

guts to defend in public what was sought in privacy. His wife’s wickedness was not organizing an anniversary party for him but preventing each wife from organizing hers for her husband. Cutting freedom is never sincere and there is always someone who takes advantage. When we are all equal, there are always some who are more equal than others.

Last Wednesday, the Minister of Health of the Generalitat, who had imposed a curfew for Catalonia at 1.00 and the closure of bars and restaurants at 0.30, was with a real parrot in Dry Martini and drinking -you have to be ‘ looser’- cava. It was almost midnight. Was there no Covid at that time? Thirty minutes later there would be? I am very much in favor of the fact that, however miserable and cynical he may be, and however bad his taste may be, the counselor spends the salary that we all pay him in the cocktail bars. I would prefer that, like Don Juan Carlos, he had the instinct of nobler spirits and more beautiful women, like Corina. Posts to pay, let us shine.

For the rest, freedom is uncomfortable and wears and is deadly. But it is our essence. God gave us love and made us free. Any attempt to supplant these two gifts ends in fraud, corruption, a councilor making a fool of himself or a prime minister rightly celebrating what he forbids us for no reason.

I do not intend for Boris to resign, and although I am ashamed to have a clown like Argimon as advisor to Catalonia, it seems understandable that he has to drink the most infectious concoctions if he then has to deal with orcs like the one that appeared on Wednesday at Dry Martini . It is enough that the rest of us are not denied what we are, free men and women. Locking ourselves up is useless, but if it did, it would be equally intolerable to deny ourselves the right to make mistakes. Without this right there is no freedom, just as goodness without intelligence – that is, without a real capacity to do evil – has no merit.

Let’s have parties. Forever. Boris owes us one, arranged by his wife. In Barcelona, ​​Javier de las Muelas would have to act in his own defense against an attack like that of Argimon, who has brutally attacked hotels and restaurants. Dry Martini would have to reserve the right of admission to people I no longer ask to be honest, but at least decent.

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