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Another executor of Cebollitas denounced violence and launched a harsh accusation: “There was no miracle death”

Cebollitas (Telefe) arrived in 1997 to define a before and after in Argentine television. After years of programs designed for children or adults, a product designed for a forgotten group finally appeared on the small screen: teenagers. After the success that involved Chiquititas (Telefe), from the channel they decided it was time to expand their audience and focused the new soap opera on the world of soccer. The likeable characters soon won the hearts of the audience and quickly gained popularity. But what looked like a dream come true from the outside was, behind the scenes, a real nightmare. And 25 years after the premiere, the main actors broke the silence and shared their hard experiences.

The cast of Cebollitas with Maradona. Instagram photo @diegovicos

Who took the first step was Juan Yacuzzi, the actor behind the character of Coqui. In an interview with Mitre Live, recalled the various abuses they had to endure during the long working hours. “We had a lot of pressure. I was the oldest, but there were eight or nine year old boys like Chamois or Dalma Maradona and you could hear screams and farts that were sometimes unnecessary. Or when we were tempted, we were very small, too they shit us…they farted us as if we had killed someone”, express.

After he spoke, testimonials from his colleagues began to emerge. Juan Yacuzzi, Martin Miani, Iván Rossi, Matías Boquete, Mariana Rubio and Pedro Castagna They joined the wave of releases and came out to confirm the terrible episodes. The most recent is that of Marcelo Italiano who, in dialogue with Mitre Live, he remembered everything he lived in in ’97.

Marcelo Italiano joined the complaints against the producers of Cebollitas (Photo: Instagram/@marceloitaliano_ok)
Marcelo Italiano joined the complaints against the producers of Cebollitas (Photo: Instagram/@marceloitaliano_ok)

The actor, best known for playing the character of Sammy in the 1990s strip, He assured that he witnessed many acts of verbal and psychological violence against minors, including himself. Along these lines, he reported that there were threats, ill-treatment and shouting, especially when someone was wrong or when the producers did not achieve the result they had in mind.

Marcelo Italiano played Sammy in Onions
Marcelo Italiano played Sammy in Onionsvideo capture

“They yelled at you if you didn’t know the lyrics or didn’t change as quickly as they asked. ‘Che, kid, don’t be such a page… Don’t be such a bolu…, this is television, this comes out like sausage. Give it, give it, give it’. To the screams There were also threats, because they told you that if you didn’t do what they asked, they would send you the telegram,” he said.

Likewise, he recalled an event that could have ended with a tragedy. “A producer once entered the studio where we were recording and, at a certain moment, someone did not get the scene and the lyrics. He stormed in, grabbed a chair that was sitting on the table, and slammed it against a wall. I am a witness that There was no miraculous death,” he said. And he added: “That was a product of the anger with which the program was handled.”

The little onions suffered mistreatment during the filming of the children's strip
The little onions suffered mistreatment during the filming of the children’s stripInstagram @cebollitasoficial

However, although he admits that the episodes of violence were as frequent as they were severe, he stressed that it was a stage of much learning in his life. “At that moment I detected what was not right. Over time I ratified it and luckily this is being talked about, ”he concluded.

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