May 15, 2022 5:42 am

Adoption parents: “The day we found out we were suitable was like giving a positive pregnancy test”




Adoption was and has always been the vital option for VM and CP, despite the fact that when they offered themselves in the 2015 call, they did not know if they were going to achieve it. «It is not something simple or easy to achieve. You have to find yourself right at that personal, affective, economic, physical moment… Everything is important», acknowledges this couple. In fact, for them, until the arrival of what is now their son, it was a very long process. «Since we filed the papers and they gave us an acknowledgment of receipt and a number, three eternal years passed, in which we did not know anything. We made our lives, we continued with our hobbies, jobs… until suddenly a letter arrived and we remembered where we had gotten ourselves, “they comment between laughs.

That’s how they got to a first briefing, another time of silence and finally, the hard training course and the psychosocial study. «The day the guardianship commission gave us the suitability, which means that you are suitable to adopt, we jumped for joy. It was like when you pass the last exam of the race or as if you see the positive in the pregnancy test, “says this parent… Although in reality, he clarifies,
“Having the suitability doesn’t give you the right to adopt either. It means that if they need you, they will call you”

After that came another meeting with more families in their situation. “There we could already say that we were pregnant,” they add. Three years later, the desired meeting came: «It was very intimate, very personal. We were finally able to hug and kiss the person who is the most important thing in our lives today… You can’t believe it. The boy began to jump, he was happy, “they admit. Now, eight years after that exciting adventure, they try again.

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