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Xavi promotes and protects the seniors




The poor results that have weighed down Barcelona and the poor game shown in the last two games, against Athletic in the Super Cup and Alavés in the League, have generated a series of criticisms focused on the performances of the most veteran footballers and who make up the axis backbone of the team Xavi Hernandez. Sergio Busquets, Gerard Piqué and Jordi Alba make up the target against which the darts of the most acidic environment of the Catalan club crash, which urgently demands a generational change that has been aborted with the return of Dani Alvis, 38 years old. All four were in the Berlin final, lifting Barcelona’s fifth Champions League, and the three captains, far from being unseated after the debacles against Roma, Juventus, Liverpool or the humiliation against Bayern Munich, are fundamental pieces for the Barcelona coach.

The man from Egar hugs the meritocracy in his speech but he contradicts himself when he states that “the youngsters are the ones who are maintaining the team and are the ones who make the difference, and that is difficult to digest”. Four weeks after the criticism, he defends the veterans tooth and nail and keeps them in the starting team.

«Busquets It is an essential piece in our project. It is essential. If the block is together, he is the best player in the world in his position”, settled Xavi after the campaign organized on social networks so that the midfielder was relegated to the bench after his error in the semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup against Real Madrid . Benzema “stole his wallet”, as he himself defined, and the loss ended in the first goal of vinicius. It is not the first criticism received by Badía, who has also been questioned with the national team. Busquets has only missed one game, against Mallorca. In the rest he has been the owner.

Too Jordi Alba He has paid the consequences of being eliminated from the Cup against Athletic, a match in which he had a terrible performance, being outplayed in defense and erratic in attack. Despite this, Xavi kept him in the starting team against Alavés this past weekend. The winger vindicated himself and did not hesitate to face the media to defend himself. “I feel singled out for many years. It’s not the first time it’s happened to me. I accept all criticism. It is part of the circus that is generated. When there is a bad game, those who have to be pointed out are always pointed out. I didn’t have a bad time because of the criticism, I did because of the elimination. i got it i assumeddo. If I play a good game they don’t talk about me, if I play like the other day they’re going to kill me. I’m within reach of everyone. It is normal, I accept it and I have assumed it, “he explained.

Jordi Alba wanted to defend the most veteran players, like Piqué or Busquets, who are also in the eye of the hurricane. “I have the respect of my teammates and my coaching staff. I’m not worried about criticism. No one has given me this, I’ve been here ten years. Forever veterans are noted when you lose, when you win it’s different. There are veterans everywhere. It seems that there are only them in Barcelona,” he challenged. The winger has played all the games in which he has been available since Xavi arrived. “I am 32 years old and I feel strong. There are better and worse games. The other day against Athletic I wasn’t good at all, I admit it. I have assumed that it will be hard critics when they are directed towards me, “he defended himself.

It is not the first time that Alba faces the stands. He questioned the whistles of the fans a couple of seasons ago (“I respect everyone, but they also have to respect me») and raised his voice when his Barça support was questioned this past summer due to leaks that he did not accept a salary reduction. «My predisposition has always been to help the club and I love Barça. no one has to doubt me It would be good if you asked the president, “he released.

Too Pique It is a fixed element in Xavi’s eleven. The center-back has been involved in several controversies and hooked on social networks. With the former candidate Toni Freixa for the involvement of the footballers, with TV3 for the salary he receives and with the fans for the defensive fragility of the team. AlvesFor his part, he has only missed one game, largely due to the absence of a substitute to improve his performance.

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