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Wordle solution: this is the word of the day



In recent weeks, Twitter and other social networks have been filled with green, yellow and gray squares arranged in five lines. It is the latest trend among those who want to put their skills to the test: Wordle, a game where you have six attempts to guess the word of the day.

This game has gone viral at a dizzying speed due to its simplicity and because it is only possible to play once a day, unless you handle more than one language. In addition, it does not have ads or send notifications, which makes it a pleasant and non-invasive game for your device. To play no need to register, just enter, start the game and spin the coconut.

The most curious thing about this game is that it was born out of a love story, that of a telecommunications engineer and his girlfriend, Palak Shah, an entrepreneur who did not speak the language very well.

So your partner Josh Wardle, devised this game during confinement as a gift for her.

how to play

The operation is very simple. The player must write a five letter word. It doesn’t matter what it is. By pressing the ‘enter’ button, some of the letters will light up yellow, some green and some grey. Yellow means that letter is in the word to guess, but not in that position. Green means that the letter and its position are correct. The gray that letter is not in the word.

In total the player has six attempts.

The word of the day

Wordle’s solution from January 24, 2021

Today, Monday, January 24, the word of the day is ‘NIGHT

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