May 22, 2022 7:05 am

Who was the Tucuman tourist who drowned in Mar del Plata

Cristian “el Chiqui” Flores, the 42-year-old man who drowned on a beach in Mar del Plata early Saturday morning, had scheduled his vacation in that city on the Atlantic Coast with great anxiety from his native Tucumán. “There are only a couple of hours left to travel to La Feliz, the beautiful Mar del Plata,” he had posted on his Facebook account on January 17.

Chiqui lived in San Miguel de Tucumán, he had a kiosk, he loved the sea, and he organized the holidays with a friend.

My first airplane trip and heading to the great Metropolis that I love so much. My beloved Buenos Aires and above all CABA that has all that magic, that charm and that indecipherable mystery. It was a supreme and adrenaline experience”, Cristian recounted about what would be the first post to his vacation destination.

A fleeting tour of my beautiful federal capital Pretty and seductive as always but with an aroma of serenity that I have never seen in her! Dinner in Kentucky, a walk through Puerto Madero, meeting with my Obelisk on July 9 and some other getaways” (sic), he posted along with some photos of his itinerary.

After enjoying the City, it was time to get back on the road and travel to Mar del Plata. “The first images of MDQ 2022. Cool, cloudy and windy but always beautiful the beach, the sea and everything that this majestic city has to offer you. Mar del Plata is an attractive and captivating city, it is not in vain that they call it La Feliz”, he had written last Wednesday along with photos of him, smiling, on the waterfront.

Other posts show their interest in conservation and respect for nature. “Beautiful day at the Aquarium Mar del Plata. What a beauty to see so much fauna, so much nature and that is why we must take care of it and protect it among all”, was his comment along with the publication of several videos of the walk.

On Saturday night, according to his friends in various media, he went to dance at the Éxtasis bowling alley and when he left, he went with his friend Beto to the beach around 7 in the morning. There, He decided to go into the sea, but could not get out, after asking his friend for help.

On Sunday, about 400 meters from the coast of Playa Popular, they found his body.

“Rest in peace, my beautiful kikilum, we will always remember you. You loved your sea so much. Fly, fly high, ”her sister Karen later wrote from her networks.

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