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Who is Ramiro Marra and what will he spend his City legislator salary on?

“The only thing they weren’t liberal in my house is that I was a liberal and from Boca”says Ramiro Marra, 39, and smiles. His office has what is expected of a stockbroker: four monitors to follow the prices of the main papers in the world and economic indicators, two notebooks now turned off, a calculator, and a television showing a newscast. But also what is not: banknotes with his face, a sign that warns that it is forbidden to complain, a doll with his face and body, his caricature portrait that was given to him, all the banknotes of Argentine history, an hourglass, two electric skateboards with which he sometimes even moves around the office for fun and a collection of different coca cola cans that “symbolize capitalism”. If there’s one thing Marra doesn’t want to be or look like, it’s someone traditional. It bores him.

He wears a colorful shirt to the body, but after a short time he changes it for another one for the photos. If I don’t use it now, when? A follower gave it to me”, he blurts out. It has something particular clear: Who the fuck is Ramiro Marra? (Who the hell is Ramiro Marra?), says in white letters on a plain black background. “I’m a bit of everything, but always liberal,” he says. Broker, financial youtuber (a term he himself invented as a joke), writer, podcast host, deputy. And the list could go on.

Marra became a City legislator last December for Javier Milei’s party, La Libertad Avanza. In his workplace there is also a photo with him, embracing, from the day of the act in Luna Park when they became the third force in the Federal Capital with 17.05% of the votes and a party cap. He has known Milei for 19 years when he was his professor of microeconomics at the University of El Salvador, where he received a degree in Capital Markets. Later he did an MBA at San Andrés, a postgraduate degree in Public Policy at Di Tella, and an intense executive course at Singularity University that lasted ten days and cost him $15,000.

“I am going to make public what I am going to do with my salary. I do not understand why the other deputies do not show what they do with the money of the State. I am going to deposit my salary in an investment account, which will only be used for these purposes to make the process transparent and clear. There you will be able to see how the account evolves and what is invested in. I believe that the market is the tool to move Argentina forward”, he anticipates after Milei will raffle her December salary and will do the same every month,

Ramiro Marra, legislator. Buenos AiresDIEGO SPIVACOW / AFV

When asked if the investment will only be in Argentine companies, he answers that it is not necessarily, but rather that they generate value or are related to the country. He exemplifies it with Barrick Gold, which is a multinational, but is based in the country. And he promises that investment money is not intended for personal benefits, but immediately clarifies that at some point it can be used to defend the ideas of freedom.

How much is your legislator diet?, ask THE NATION. “I dont know exactly. In December I charged for 21 days, since we assumed 10, 231 thousand gross pesos, but vacations may have been included. I calculate that the salary is between 300 and 400 thousand gross pesos”, he informs.

Broker y youtuber

Marra has 298 thousand followers on Instagram, almost 98 thousand on Twitter and 195 thousand subscribers to her YouTube channel. He started making videos in January 2018 as an idea to promote personal finance, the capital market, and also the family business Bull Marquet, where he has his office today. But soon he realized, seeing youtubers that his nephews followed, that it was convenient to simply make videos as if he were talking to friends and not clients. Relaxed and simple. “It was a test and it worked. Nobody did something like that with the issue of finances,” he says.

When he was eight years old, his father, Daniel, promised him that when the shares of the French bank reached seven pesos, he would buy him the playmobile boat he wanted so much. He still remembers that day. The economy and the market were always present in the Marra house.

Ramiro Marra, legislator.  Buenos Aires
Ramiro Marra, legislator. Buenos AiresDIEGO SPIVACOW / AFV

Accountant, professor at the UCA and SME entrepreneur, Daniel, 74 years old, had a company of chemical products and others of adhesive tapes. At the age of 20, he had also worked for a broker and had always been an investor. “His dream was to be a stockbroker. We developed it together with my brothers and my parents”, he says.

In 2000, Bull Market was born, a fintench broker, a company that today has 200,000 clients and 100 employees. Ramiro Marra was in his last year of school when the company was created and he remembers spending almost every weekday afternoon there. Back then you had to write the purchase order, there was no such thing as doing it with a single click. I had to put, for example, OFC (purchase offer), the PC paper that was Pérez Compac and would later become Petrobras, the quantity and the price. His three brothers (he is the one in the middle) also participated in its creation: Lautaro David, Francisco Emanuel and María Noel. His mother María Cristina Moreiras is a history teacher and a fundamental pillar of the project. It has in addition to Our Galician Ancestors, which tells their family history, two other published books.

Daniel Marra is no longer in the day-to-day of the company. “Now he is dedicated to trading (short positions of less than 24 hours, that is, operating daily in the market). I’m going to send you a message,” he says. How much money did you lose today? He writes a WhatsApp to provoke him. The answer in audio format does not take long to arrive. “But are you stupid or are you pretending? Or are you with your brother who tells you how much money I’m earning?

At 74, Marra Sr. runs and goes to the gym three times a week, and practices transcendental meditation twice a day. It follows the line of Deepak Chopra, the Indian writer and lecturer who maintains as a premise that “meditation is not fighting against a thought, but learning to understand it”.

Ramiro often jokes about it and in one of his podcast programs he asked him if it wasn’t “left-handed and hippie to meditate.” To which he replied that a market man can do anything. It was there that he also said that it was what he hoped for his future. “I feel very happy every time I come back to the company. Until a while ago I used to say I was the founder and now I say I am the co-founder thanks to the support of my wife and children who adapted the company to modern times. I started in the bag of screaming and chalk and probably for that reason, if it weren’t for them, I could never have adapted it to these times. Now I can end my days with what I am passionate about, which is trading, and that is how I hope to die. Maybe the last day of my life making a winning trade”.

Ramiro Marra, legislator.  Buenos Aires
Ramiro Marra, legislator. Buenos AiresDIEGO SPIVACOW / AFV

Marra says that it is difficult for her to disconnect, that as a good liberal she feels that she is missing something. In the library, next to the book Political Animals, de Mario N. Russo, Path to Stabilityby Domingo Cavallo, Stock Market Technical Analysis, by Oscar Elvira and Xavier Puig, Psychonomics, by Martin Tetaz, La Argentina Devorada, by José Luis Espert, tall tales, by Andrés Oppenheimer, and a book by Jorge Rial, is a text entitled never eat aloneby Keith Ferrarazzi and Tahl Raz. It is one of his favourites.

Ferrarazzi grew up in a very poor, Italian immigrant family. “I realized that I had to change my attitude. Nepotism, being born into a rich family, is not the key to success. Creating your own relationships is the key to success. I grew up in poverty, poverty is not the absence of money, it is the absence of access to people”, summarizes the author as a premise and in an interview with El País de España he told how he came to study at Yale and be the best in oratory despite not having financial resources. The story could be summed up like this: he went to a golf course every day, he arrived half an hour before anyone else, he learned the secrets of the sport, he helped a high-class woman improve her handicap, she contacted another person who helped him and thus his network of contacts was formed.

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