May 23, 2022 1:35 am

Victoria Tolosa Paz’s error about Carlos Casares on Twitter and its explanation

The national deputy of the Front of All Victoria Tolosa Paz summered in Cariló during the first fortnight of January and yesterday, on one of his first tours of the Atlantic Coast, he shared a postcard with the provincial senator Walter Torchio, who was mayor of Charles Casares. That tweet included an error in the content, then the legislator chose to delete it and republish it correctly. However, after tried to explain the mistake under another axis.

“On the beaches of Buenos Aires, the season is successful and Carlos Casares is no exception”, Tolosa Paz wrote on Twitter, thus implying that this city in the center of the province of Buenos Aires and with just over 20,000 inhabitants, which is located almost 550 kilometers from Mar del Plata, also belonged to the coast.

“Together with Walter Torchio we celebrate this reactivation that impacts thousands of families who live from tourism”, continued Tolosa Paz’s message – which was quickly replicated on social networks – and closed: “More work and production, with the Pre-Trip as a fundamental driver”.

The original publication that Victoria Tolosa Paz made on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; and then deletedTwitter

Notified of the error, the national deputy who was head of the list in the Province during last year’s legislative elections decided delete post on twitter, to re-upload it correctly. He even had to also amend it on Instagram and Facebook, where he had also shared the meeting he had with Torchio.

The amended tweet of Victoria Tolosa Paz
The amended tweet of Victoria Tolosa PazCaptura Twitter @vtolosapaz

However, not everything was there. It is that after republishing the message, the frontist legislator wanted tell his followers why he had written that “Carlos Casares was no exception” in that original tweet.

He said, then, that when he referred to the “successful season in Carlos Casares”, he did so in relation to a note published in the newspaper Clarion, entitled “He wants to transform Carlos Casares’s barley into the best whiskey in the world”, published last Saturday.

“Refers to the production and export of barley as a raw material for the production of whiskey. Since it was confusing, we modified it and we add the excellent news”, sought to clarify Tolosa Paz.

Tolosa Paz's explanation about the confusion that was caused by a tweet he published this weekend
Tolosa Paz’s explanation about the confusion that was caused by a tweet he published this weekendCaptura Twitter @vtolosapaz

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