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This is what the last places where José Luis Cabezas was before he was assassinated look like today

PINAMAR (Special envoy).- Little more than 10 months had passed since that day in February when, together with the journalist Gabriel Michi, the photographer Joseph Louis Heads portrayed the enigmatic businessman Alfredo Yabrán for the first time. It was the beginning of the season summer of 1997 Y the duo worked again in Pinamar, the city where they had obtained the explosive postcard that on March 3, 1996 was the cover of the magazine News.

Cabezas had not traveled alone to the seaside resort. He was with his family. lived in a Department rented with his wife, María Cristina Robledo; Candela, the baby of both; and her other two children -fruit of her previous marriage-, Agustina, 6 years old and Juan, 5. In addition, according to Michi himself, his mother-in-law was also with them.

The property where they were staying is located in Rivadavia, between Aeneas and Shaw, in the downtown area of ​​Pinamar. “Ahead you see the offices of an insurance company and he lived in one of the back apartments with his wife”, point to THE NATION real estate sources.

That place was the last the photojournalist saw before being kidnapped and killed.

The apartment where Cabezas was staying with his family in January 1997Hernan Zenteno – THE NATION

the night of January 24, the journalistic coverage led Michi and Cabezas to the home of postal entrepreneur Oscar Andreani, who on the occasion of his birthday organized one of the most important festivals of the season. Among the guests were political figures, including the then mayor of Pinamar, Blas Altieri; colleagues from different media and other prominent personalities.

The event lasted for long hours in the house of Calle De las Burriquetas, between Troya and Príamo. The first to leave the place was Michi, around 4 at dawn on January 25 together with a photographer from the magazine For you, who reached him to his destination.

heads, while, he left just after 5 o’clock. He got into the white Ford Fiesta that News the had rented for the coverage of the season and went to the apartment where he lived with his family, according to what his partner reconstructed in the book “Cabezas. A journalist. A crime. A country”.

This is what the house looks like today where the party organized by Andreani took place
This is what the house looks like today where the party organized by Andreani took placeHernan Zenteno – THE NATION

When parking the car a few meters from the property, Cabezas was approached by the gang led by Gustavo Prellezo, a Buenos Aires Police officer whom Yabrán had entrusted to have a “quiet summer.” The killers were waiting for him in front of the apartment, hidden in an open field and aboard a Fiat Uno. Seeing him arrive, two of them beat him and they forced him into the white Ford Fiesta, which they then drove to the place where he would eventually be executed.

Side entrance to postal businessman's house
Side entrance to postal businessman’s houseHernan Zenteno – THE NATION

The body of the photographer was found hours later in a cellar located about 16 kilometers from Pinamar. They found him handcuffed, shot twice in the head and charred aboard the same car where he had been transferred.

25 years after the crime, the well, which was made by the Municipality of General Madariaga to extract earth to level the road that leads there, still intact, although covered by the vegetation that grew over time.

The cellar where Jose Luis Cabezas was murdered
The cellar where Jose Luis Cabezas was murderedTHE NATION

the cellar was declared a “historic site” for the Party of General Madariaga “because it is the space that treasures the memory of a crime devised and executed by the power of the day in the 90s″. Nearby there is a bust of the photojournalist and a white cross several meters high with his image.

The tributes paid to the photojournalist at the scene of the crime
The tributes paid to the photojournalist at the scene of the crimeTHE NATION

The center monument It is a stone construction in which different plates were placed over the years. “Don’t Forget Heads”, claims the one that occupies the most important place.

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