May 27, 2022 12:32 pm

They auction a 555-carat black diamond that could be worth 6 million dollars

The Sotheby’s house announced this Monday black diamond auction “Enigma”, 555.55 carats, which will become next February the largest of its kind to be sold to the highest bidder and which the company estimates could reach a price between 4.1 and 6.8 million dollars.

“The ‘Enigma’ is a unique piece. It is very difficult to compare it to other diamonds, or even other black diamonds that have come onto the market in the past.” said to EFE Sotheby’s jewelry specialist Nikita Binani.

It is the largest faceted black diamond to enter auction, with 55 faces and dimensions of 54 x 44 x 32 millimeters, and was listed in the 2006 Guinness Book of Records.

the origins of the huge precious stone, which before the sale will be exhibited for the first time in public, are a mystery, since the current owner, who bought the piece more than two decades ago, wanted to remain anonymous.

It is also not known when and where exactly the black diamond was discovered, and the auction house only points out that these types of gems are found exclusively in Brazil and the Central African Republic, and that they were generally formed between 2 and 3 billion years ago. , it is believed that with the impact of some type of asteroid on planet earth.

Although black diamonds are generally worth less than a white diamond, Binani noted that in general, colored diamonds are beginning to appreciate, and the sale of the “Enigma” is expected to further boost the price of these types of stones. precious.

“The piece is similar in size to a large paperweight”, explained the expert, adding that it weighs approximately 111 grams. The auction will take place on the Internet between February 3 and 9, before which it will be exhibited in Dubai -where it was presented to the press-, Los Angeles and then London, where it will remain until the sale is over.

Sotheby’s also specified that the auction of this carbonado, as black diamonds are known, will be held without a reserve price, which means that there is no minimum amount to be reached in the bids for the sale to be executed.

The diamond was purchased by the current owner in the rough, and it was processed and cut to resemble a “hamsa”, the Jewish and Muslim amulet in the form of the closed palm of a hand that represents protection and good luck.

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