May 18, 2022 1:18 am

The TV rating: Marley and Masterchef Celebrity, an unbeatable formula

During Sunday nights, phone bet for several weeks on a winning formula. On the one hand, Around the world It pays for the channel to establish a solid average, which then rises with the arrival of Masterchef Celebrity. And during the last day of Sunday, that combination again allowed the channel to keep the night’s rating.

Around the world, with Marley, Mirko, Y Lizi Tagliani as a great guest, she scored a rating of 9.1, climbing to 13.3. On the opposite sidewalk, the cycle 100 Argentinians say, famous edition, could not come close to that number, averaging close to seven points.

Starting at 10:30 p.m. the beginning of Masterchef Celebrity he set an initial mark of 13.9, which soon rose to 15.7. At that very moment, the film of the eltcold it was in 3.8. Regarding the peak of the night, the cooking competition cycle reached 16 points.

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