May 26, 2022 7:35 pm

The town that in three days had a historic rain

In the awnings, head of the Buenos Aires party General Viamonte, the rain gauges marked an unprecedented record: in three days, between Thursday and last Saturday, it rained 450 mm. This is practically 40% of the one year mark. The data shows a contrast with the drought that the region endured.

The General Viamonte flying club, in Los Toldos, surrounded by water

“We came from a terrible drought,” he told THE NATION Matias Cavadini. The person who pointed this out is an aero-applicator, contractor and producer and, after the climatic phenomenon, he remarked that now it has become a “flood”. Cavadini indicated that the 450 mm were measured over the urban part of the town.

There are hundreds of hectares with flooded soybeans

In the town there were, among other sequels, flooded streets. In the countryside, meanwhile, there are thousands of hectares under water.

There are soybeans that with these precipitations will recover from the effects of the drought, but for others, the most backward in their development, we will have to wait how long they remain submerged. Corn from early sowings no longer has the possibility of recovering due to the effect of the drought. There may be a chance for later seeding.

“The annual rate in this area is around 1,100/1,200 millimeters. 30/40% of the regime fell in three days”, precise. As an aero-applicator, you cannot fly through the area to do a survey because the air club runway is a “river”.

“There will be many losses, first due to the drought because the corn aborted flowers and were left with plants that did not finish filling grain,” Indian.

“It is seen that the water drops a little, but it costs a lot. We will see how long the soy lasts under water”, he added. Cavadini said that the municipality is cleaning canals and trying to channel the water.

“We came from last year with dry. The last more or less reasonable rain was on December 14/15, but 20 mm fell that were not even noticed,” he said.

“The accumulated in three days is 450 mm counted in the urban plant. There are flooded streets, the aerodrome with the runway closed because it is a river. There is a lot of water everywhere,” he stressed.

As indicated, the situation worsened with the rain last Friday that was around 200 mm. The rain gauges were overwhelmed.

On its Facebook page, the Municipality of General Viamonte gave an account of the opening of channels and pointed out that the situation was complicated because the lagoons and channels through which the water drains are full.

Significant rainfall records have also accumulated in other places in the province of Buenos Aires in recent days. On Twitter, the Rural Association of Carlos Tejedor reported that between the 15th and 22nd of this year it rained 281 mm in the Clara Luna establishment, 312 mm in Doña María, 350 mm in La Gloria and 361 mm in San Francisco. He clarified that the annual average in the region is 850 mm.

In the Bolívar area, among other places, there were also areas where accumulated rainfall was above 200 mm.

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