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The before and after of Connie Ansaldi after losing ten kilos: “I decided to make a change”

Yes OK Connie Ansaldi moved away from television to continue with his work in a private company, the expansionist of the angels of the morning He continues to maintain contact with his followers through social networks. On this occasion, the journalist He spoke about his personal experience losing weight and left an emotional message about it.

The publicist shared a series of photos on her instagram account where I had 10 kilos more, and some more current. At the bottom of the images he wrote a heartfelt reflection about the reasons for its transformation and the hard process involved in making the change.

The photos from a year ago that Connie Ansaldi shared on her Instagram accountCapture Instagram

“These first photos are from exactly a year ago. And the last ones are from last week. I was in Bariloche and the phone brought them to me with his mania for remembering things, ”he began by saying in a story full of emotion.

In this context, the 48-year-old journalist expressed the feeling generated by seeing images of her remarkable physical change. “When I saw them I said wow! Did I really lose that much weight and didn’t realize it? And the truth is that yes. A little more than 10 kilos separate me between one body and another”.

On the other hand, Ansaldi clarified that the main message he wants to leave “it’s not the weight”, and explained, “As you can see from the photos, I was having fun. I looked splendid and beautiful as always and enjoyed life, just as I usually do. But something wasn’t right.”

Thus, he listed one by one the results of your medical check-ups, which did not turn out as she expected. “My studies were not the best in the world. And not because something gave me necessarily or strikingly wrong, but it was always there, bordering on glucose, cholesterol, Vitamin D, etc. Always on the brink.”

Connie Ansaldi today
Connie Ansaldi todayCapture Instagram

As for the moment when he realized that he had to take matters into his own hands before it’s too late and thus change the results of his studies, he revealed: “That’s when I decided to make a change, almost a year ago. That’s when my health began to improve substantially. Losing weight is a consequence and not the other way around”.

Then he explained that the key is not to diet, but to comply with a daily routine: “The real change is in organize food so that it becomes a lifestyle and not on a forced diet with the aim of losing the kilos that we think we have more.

Along the same lines, he told what the secrets of his transformation were and specified: “Food, supplements, hacks of technology, meditation, sleep and my weakest part, exercise. They are the ideal combo for real vitality and a productive mind in a healthier body.”

Likewise, the journalist revealed that her weight is not what worries her, but now she emphasizes healthy eating. “I was always skinny. Kilos more kilos less, my body is harmonious. But I wasn’t always worried about what I ate. Now yes, because I know that health does indeed have to do with it. I know that it is not a matter of aesthetics to have more or less kilos, but rather it is a matter of how well we want to live and how,” he continued.

Connie Ansaldi after a demanding exercise routine last September
Connie Ansaldi after a demanding exercise routine last SeptemberCapture Instagram

Towards the end, Connie wrote a heartfelt reflection and encouraged his followers to know the importance of transforming what one does not like about oneself. “We can all be the change that we admire in others because we are the change we believe in, put into action. It’s just a matter of getting started.”

The publication achieved more than 11 thousand likes Y hundreds of comments with compliments and similar experiences recounted by his more than a million followers.

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