May 21, 2022 2:59 am

The Argentine Political Club rejected the Kirchnerist march against the Supreme Court

The Argentine Political Club rejected as a “act of coercion” against Supreme Court and the Judiciary the march called by government sectors on February 1 to demand the resignation of the judges of the high court. The entity stated that it should be “repudiated by all democratic citizens of the country.”

He said that it is a “dangerous appeal” that has “the unusual support of the Secretary of Justice, Juan Martin Mena and of some outdated judge of the Nation”.

The pronouncement was signed by the executive committee of the Argentine Political Club, made up of Ricardo Mazzorín (President); Graciela Fernández Meijide (Honorary President); Victoria Itzcovich (Secretary); Horace Moavro (Assistant Secretary), Luis Katz (Treasurer) and Julius Drizzen (Protester).

Juan Martín Mena, Deputy Minister of Justice, together with the head of the portfolio, Martín SoriaMinistry of Justice and Human Rights

“The independence of Justice, the cornerstone of the republican system of government, is ensured by the stability of judges in their positions, as long as their good behavior lasts,” they said in a statement in which they noted that the march to demand the resignation of the judges of the Court “not only borders the commission of the crime” but rather “it is a call to disregard the constitutional procedures provided for the dismissal of magistrates” and “grossly violates constitutional provisions.”

The Argentine Political Club called on the blocs of the National Congress, political parties and civil society organizations to “close ranks in defense of the National Constitution” and demanded that the Government “repudiate the call and sanction the officials involved accordingly.” in this aggravating and unusual anti-democratic demonstration”.

“The limit is respect for the law. No one can remain indifferent when the institutions of the Republic are attacked”, they concluded.

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