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Solo en Off: the traditional “Pro destination” that La Cámpora chose to discreetly vacation

It was not, by the way, an exotic and paradisiacal destination in the Mexican Caribbean that ended up causing so many headaches for Luana Volnovich Y Martin Rodriguez, main heads of the PAMI and questioned for days for that decision. Emerald coast, the small, brand-new and coquettish seaside resort bordering Partido de la Costa, a few kilometers from Pinamar, was the destination chosen by several leaders of The Campora, who decided to spend the summer together, away from the political and media noise caused by the escapes of other members of the Government not only to Mexico, but also to Cuba (the Minister of Habitat, Jorge Ferraresi) or La Paloma, Uruguay (his pair of Work, Claudio Moroni).

Indiscreet residents of Costa Esmeralda claim to have seen the mayor of Quilmes a few days ago, Mayra Mendoza; to the Buenos Aires senator Mariano Recalde; to the manager of Institutional Relations of YPF, Santiago Carreras; and the consultant Santiago “Patucho” Alvarez, together with their families, resting in the same complex of summer houses. And there is more: there are those who affirm that the very Maximo Kirchner, accustomed to coming and going in silence to “his” Río Gallegos, also made a discreet turn to greet his fellow militants.

Beyond the almost religious devotion of the camporistas for secrecy (at least until the recent explosion of the Volnovich case), the truth is that the vacations of the prominent members of the camporismo did not attract too much attention, except for one detail: Costa Esmeralda is also a destination chosen by former ministers and officials of the Cambiemos government, both during their stay in power and on their return to the plain..

The national deputy, Maximo Kirchner, together with the mayor of Quilmes, Mayra Mendoza

“No one said anything because the macristas also stop there”, detailed a vacationer who knows both political worlds well and who also enjoyed the wide areas of dunes and pine forests characteristic of that area of ​​the Buenos Aires coast, which for a couple of years has been completely occupied, in part by regulars from Punta del Este who prefer to spend in pesos. In the case of officials, the idea in most cases was to avoid dissent with the presidential order not to spend the summer abroad, a mandate disobeyed by other members of the cabinet.

Active and very involved in the day to day of internal and national politics, Mauricio Macri It turned, like every year, the country house club Cumelén, in Villa La Angostura, into the scene of high-level political meetings. Two days before receiving there Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, the former president played at home in the room with a dozen legislative referents of the Pro from different parts of the country, several of whom respond to referents of the “palomas”, the group of moderates that today compete in their attempt to gain hegemony and power by 2023.

Happy about the Patagonian bite they had in front of them, they sat next to Macri the deputy Leticia Esteves from Neuquén (who served as co-host); Alex Campbell, deputy for the province of Buenos Aires; Esteban Vitor, entrerriano and new president of the forum of provincial legislators; Martin Ardohain, Laura Trapaglia and Eduardo Pepa, from La Pampa; Juan Martin, by Rio Negro; Carlos Pereira, by Saint Louis; Y Gustav Cairo, by Mendoza.

Mauricio Macri and Representatives of the Forum of Provincial Deputies of the PRO met this Thursday in Villa La Angostura
Mauricio Macri and Representatives of the Forum of Provincial Deputies of the PRO met this Thursday in Villa La AngosturaTwitter

In that conglomerate, Campbell stood out, who responds without half measures to the former governor of Buenos Aires Maria Eugenia Vidal, and Vitor, today part of the army of the former Minister of the Interior Roger Frigerio, national deputy and already launched as a candidate for governor of Entre Ríos. After listening to the legislative panorama in each district, and with a reflective tone, Macri raised a gloomy scenario for the economy in the short term, stressed the importance of unity as a requirement to return to power. “The important thing is to win, he insisted that it is not time for interns,” commented a witness to the dialogue.

Respected economist, and in charge of the Central Bank during the complicated presidency of Eduardo Duhalde, mario blejer returned to the media arena in the last hours. Skeptical, the former official also from the central banks of England and Israel affirmed in an interview after more than two years of silence that “if Argentina does not present an economic plan, there will be no agreement”, although he stressed that the IMF (where he also worked) “He is the most interested in agreeing, because Argentina is his main client.”

Economist Mario Blejer praised the actions of the Central Bank
Economist Mario Blejer praised the actions of the Central BankMauro Alfieri / LA NACION – File

Beyond his opinions on the economic problems and the complicated future of the country, Blejer continues to dedicate a good part of his energies to the musical composition based on the Jewish liturgy. A few weeks ago, Blejer released his fourth album on the Spotify platform, which combines his compositions in different musical rhythms (tango is one of the ones he likes the most) with fragments of the Jewish prayer book. Close to the economist, they assure that musical composition “likes it as much as the economy” and that composing is for the former economic adviser of Daniel Scioli a “balm” in the midst of the complicated national situation.

The book “Diary of a season on the fifth floor“, from Juan Carlos Torre, is required reading material for many politicians in the summer season. Leander Santoro, a long-time member of radicalism and today a national deputy for the Frente de Todos, is one of those who took the printed edition, of more than 500 pages, to his vacation spot.

Leander Santoro
Leander Santorosilvana colombo – THE NATION

Santoro, interested in the daily details of Raúl Alfonsín’s economic policy, told by one of the members of his economic team, told several of his friends that he enjoys the book, since “He hits (Bernardo) Grispun and the political wing of the Alfonsín government with everything, who understood little about economics”. Needless to say, contrary voices are heard among some of Torre’s colleagues in the economic team of those years. “Juan Carlos Torre’s book is unfair to radicalism and to Alfonsín himself, in part because he has a laboratory vision that ignores the political complexities of the time,” he punished him Ricardo Campero, Secretary of Commerce of Alfonsín and friend of many radicals who today continue within organic radicalism, within Together for Change.

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