May 17, 2022 3:09 pm

Pools that knew how to integrate with nature

northern pond

This garden, designed by the architect María Elena Acuña, is located in one of the highest areas of a neighborhood in the province of Salta from where the roofs and the neighbors’ water tanks could be seen.

So that sought to erase undesirable views of the nearby landscape, cast a shadow on the exterior space, gain sectors of use to counteract the steep slope of the terrain and frame more distant views.

What plants were used?

With the vegetation, the premise was to restore the native forest with the planting of groups of chañares, espinillos, cina-cinas.

Also some bushy olive trees frame the views. Finally some grasses and aromatic complete the landscape proposal.

A garden located in the Province of Salta with a dazzling horizon.

In Pilar: a transparent house designed to look at the horizon

river pot

The architecture project was in charge of Pablo Dellatorre

In this house, the perfume of wood is the protagonist and, together with stone, they form an unbeatable duo, both indoors and outdoors.

Three separate stone blocks make up the house. The design of the pool is inspired by one of the most interesting points of the Cordovan essence: the river pots.

Perfect flowers to grow on the edge of the pool

The disused quebracho sleepers consolidate the surroundings and link the sectors of the landscape.

The pool was made with flat Patagonian porphyry stones of various shades that make up the wet edge.

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