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Movie recommendation: five Keira Knightley films to watch in streaming

From a tiny role Star Wars: Episodio I (where she played Sabé, Queen Amidala’s handmaiden), to become one of the great actresses of today’s Hollywood. Throughout his career, Keira Knightley managed to impose its presence as a firm, embody iconic characters in major franchises, as well as being the ideal actress for prestigious authors. In this way, she carried out an eclectic filmography made up of great titles.

The English interpreter had worked very little when she got the opportunity to star in this Disney tank, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Some brief appearances on English television (a miniseries based on Oliver Twist, and another of Dr. Zhivago) and the semi-cult children’s piece, I want to be like Beckham, outlined her as one of the small promises of the industry. And that film, in which he starred alongside Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, allowed him to make himself known and confirm his undeniable magnetism on screen.

Directed by Gore Verbinsky Pirates of the Caribbean It is an adventure -excuse the redundancy- of pirates (that genre in which Errol Flynn reigned during the 30s and 40s), but updated for the new millennium, with ghosts, imposing battles and a charismatic antihero. And while the character of Elizabeth Swan does not have the wealth of many fictional women Knightley encountered in later years, there is no doubt that this heroine opened a great door for her, allowing her to demonstrate her versatility for drama, humor and even the action.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is available on Disney+.

Actually, in this category it would be fair to put all the films that Knightley made under the direction of Joe Wright, that inescapable trilogy made up of pride and prejudice, Atonement, desire and sin, Y Anna Karenina. And although each movie buff has their favorite title within that group, the one based on Ian McEwan’s book is the most perfect for some. Keira here may not have the charming grace of Elizabeth Bennet or the tragic halo of Karenina, but her unarmed performance as Cecilia Tallis is enough to measure the overwhelming presence of this actress on screen.

Few filmmakers like Wright in this film were able to capitalize so forcefully on Knightley’s acting talent, whose character starts from a slight adolescent wickedness, going through a certain class guilt, then surrendering to the most absolute passion until reaching the tragedy of a love. disrupted. It is about a heroine who lives a pain that overwhelms her and breaks her in silence: crossed by an anguish that suffocates her, sitting alone on a staircase and wearing an infinite green dress, Knightley and Wright define in a plane the power that can reach to have a single frame. Without a doubt, Atonement, desire and sin It is not only a great movie, but also one of the actress’s breakthrough roles.

Atonement, desire and sin, available on Apple TV+.

It took the arrival of David Cronenberg (obviously) for Knightley to get close to his first decidedly dark role. In A dangerous method composes Sabina Spielrein, pioneer in the field of psychoanalysis and patient and lover of Jung (Michael Fassbender). The film focuses on Spielrein’s tortured personality, his traumatic childhood, and the complex bond he established with his analyst.

From Cronenberg’s point of view, Knightley divests himself of that slightly angelic presence of his previous films, to imbue him with an unprecedented darkness.. In this way, she becomes involved in a character that marks a break in her work and that surprises with an impossible-to-imagine perversion in someone who, a short time ago, jumped from ship to ship with Johnny Depp. A dangerous method it’s a rough-textured film, and perhaps that’s why it’s surprising how well Knightley moves in that dense setting, delivering a performance that’s as dark as it is riveting.

A dangerous method is available on Amazon Prime Video and Qubit TV.

Neither period, nor close to the drama. Can a love song save your life? it is one of those few comedies to appear within Knightley’s career. And although these types of stories do not abound in his filmography, the ease with which he moves within the genre is remarkable. In this feature film by John Carney (responsible for Once Y Sing Street), the protagonist is Dan (Mark Ruffalo), a disgraced music producer. On the other hand, Gretta (Knightley) is a young singer, who feels lost when her boyfriend, a rising rock star, asks her to break up. And almost by accident, Gretta and Dan cross paths; he finds in her a natural gift, and she discovers in him someone to trust.

Can a love song save your life? It is a warm piece, a romantic comedy of those that get you out of the worst sadness, and that reconciles viewers with a genre that always deserves to be vindicated. Perhaps the passage of time left this film in an undeserved “minor” corner within the filmography of the actress, when in fact it is one of her fullest films. And his great performance and the evident chemistry he has with Ruffalo are further proof of his talent and his ability to give sparks of magic to almost any script that comes his way.

Can a love song save your life?, available on Google Play Movies.

Taking the life of Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette as a starting point, Keira puts herself in the shoes of the mythical writer to shed light on her marital bond, the awakening of her talent as a novelist and her sexual and love life. Wash Westmoreland’s film departs from the biopics that present the tired scheme of triumph-fall-redemption, and instead prioritizes small but terribly significant moments in Colette’s life, to build from there a portrait of her life .

Through casual chats, the pleasure (or burden) of writing, passionate encounters or the enjoyment of a toast, the filmmaker builds his story, dramatizing a life that had other much more difficult passages. Colette tirelessly fought against the mandates of her time (which sought to control her sexual, sentimental and professional life), and through a woman who dedicated herself to destroying taboos, Keira Knightley found a role to match her.. As the plot progresses, the Englishwoman shows Colette’s growth, from her innocent (but firm) adolescent personality, through that transition in which she felt like a toad from another well in the midst of sophisticated Parisian society, until she became a self-confident woman, capable of captivating those who marginalized her because of her childhood in the countryside. And for the British interpreter, subtle gestures are enough to point out Colette’s maturity, a character who continues the line of so many other heroines she played, women who, like the actress herself, always sought to escape their comfort zone to provide not what they expected. of them, but what they wanted for themselves.

Colette is on Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max.

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