May 22, 2022 7:41 pm

Mendoza: they rescued a climber who fell into the void while climbing

One 47-year-old climber fell into the void while climbed in Tunuyán, in the province of Mendoza, and had to be rescued by a Gendarmerie patrol that managed to transfer him to a hospital where he remains with serious injuries but out of danger, spokesmen for the force reported.

The incident occurred on Saturday in the shelter sector of Arenales Drawer (Cordón del Potrillo), in the mountain range of Tunuyán. The fall caused the climber a fractured ankle and multiple injuries to his left wrist and face.

The place was attended by members of the “Alférez Portinari” Group, a Gendarmerie mounted patrol, after the notice they received about the accident. The gendarmes moved with a mounted patrol to the scene and then had to continue on foot due to the state of the terrain and the inclement weather.

When rescuers arrived at the scene, the athlete was conscious, but very sore, since he had an unexposed ankle fracture, and injuries to his left wrist and face.

Mendoza: they rescued a climber who fell into the void while climbing.

Given the situation, the gendarmes gave him first aid and after stabilizing him and applying painkillers, he was later placed on a stretcher to descend a rocky path.

Once the gendarmes evacuated the athlete from the mountain, an ambulance took him to the Antonio Scaravelli Hospital, Tunuyán, where they did X-ray plates and he was hospitalized for a better evaluation. Fortunately, they determined that he is out of danger.

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