May 18, 2022 10:14 pm

Masterchef Celebrity: from the unpleasant moment between Tomás Fonzi and Peque Pareto, to the surprising announcement of Damián Betular

Slowly, Masterchef Celebrity is nearing its final stretch, and thus, a new elimination gala arrived on the Telefe screen. As usual, a Sunday involves the expulsion of a participant, who no longer returns to the popular reality show. This time, the contestants on the tightrope were Luisa Albinoni, Barbie Velez, Cathy Fulop, Mica Viciconte, Tomas Fonzi Y Joaquin Levinton.

Driver Santiago del Moro He proceeded to explain the challenge of the night, and invited the participants to open the boxes that they had on their tables. Next, Damien Betular expressed: “This Sunday is going to be extreme. I’m going to tell you that today’s challenge is going to be in steps. And the first one is under those boxes.” The contestants then discovered that they had to prepare a dish, with a chorizo ​​steak, herbs, butter and garlic. With the ingredients exposed, Donato de Santis He added: “They have everything you need to make a steak to the point. The choice of flavors is in your hands”; and Germán Martitegui concluded: “Steak to point, the most difficult of the points, a perfect balance. It’s not juicy, it’s not cooked. And to achieve it, they will have fifteen minutes.”

With all the steaks prepared, the specialists began to taste one by one, in silence and without giving personalized feedback. Finally, Betular exclaimed that Tomás Fonzi’s plate was the one that had come closest to the desired point. Martitegui told Fonzi that as a prize he could go up to the balcony, but he put him in a real dilemma when he told him: “You are going to have to choose one of your companions, who is going to come down to replace you, and he is going to continue with the second challenge”. After much thought, and very bitter about the unfriendly place where he was, Fonzi chose the “Little” Pareto, because he considered that it was the one that could best function.

In the second stage, the jury announced that they had to cook deer meat, and with that in mind, they all went to the market to find ingredients for their dishes. After cooking, the person in charge of opening the returns was Fulop. His deer with creamy potato, and a secret ingredient (which was white chocolate), received mixed reviews. Martitegui noted that the deer was raw, but then assured that the accompaniment was fine. Mica Viciconte combined venison with peach, and Donato commented: “How you cooked the venison is well managed, there is color in the dish, and I liked the pepper on the palate.”

Barbie Velez, replacing Denise Dumas, brought a deer with sautéed mushrooms and mustard sauce, on which Donato evaluated: “You chose the best part of that loin, it is well cooked, but a few more minutes the cooking would have been perfect”. In his turn, Martitegui praised the potatoes and the sauce, although he detected that the mushrooms “are shapeless, totally off the plate.” Albinoni’s venison stew was highly praised by the jury, with Betular simply commenting: “I liked it”.

The “Little” Pareto brought a deer with figs in butter, but Betular concluded that the mixture was very sweet: “It is difficult to eat such cooked meat on a plate, the sauce is fine, but I do not think it will go on this plate. I lack the impact of differentiating, the palate feels that I am eating all the same”. Finally, Levinton did not receive good feedback, and although Donato assured him that the piece “was well cooked”, Martitegui concluded: “The sauce is extremely acidic, the onion is raw, and it is impossible to digest.”

At the time of return, Luisa Albinoni was recognized as the best of the night. After that, Betular stood up front to announce the elimination, but the surprise was greater when he said that no one was going to be left out of the contest, and assured: “Everyone deserves a chance to be in the next round.”

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