May 18, 2022 9:41 am

Iran sentences a prominent human rights activist to eight years in prison and 70 lashes

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Eight years in prison and 70 lashes is the sentence imposed on the Iranian human rights activist Narges Mohamadi after a closed-door trial of “five minutes”, as explained via Twitter by her husband, Taghi Rahmani. Since 1998, Mohamadi has been in and out of prison several times and this time “the details of the trial and the new verdict are not clear, as the authorities have not contacted the family», revealed the husband from France, a country in which he has lived in exile since 2012.

Amnesty International (AI) has launched a campaign to call for her release and denounces that “she is incarcerated in section 209 of Evin prison, Tehran, in prolonged solitary confinement, in clear violation of the absolute prohibition of torture and other ill-treatment.

He is not having access to his family or his lawyer.” The family is concerned about his delicate state of health.

The last arrest of the activist occurred in November in Karaj, a city located on the outskirts of Tehran, when she participated in an act in memory of a man killed in the registered protests of 2019. That year thousands of people took to the streets of the main cities of the country due to rising fuel prices
and the response of the security forces was brutal. According to an AI investigation, 324 protesters were killed between 15 and 19 November.

Mohamadi initially worked as journalist in several reformist newspapers of the country and later began his work as an activist leading campaigns against the death penalty. He worked alongside the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Shirin Ebadi, in the organization Defenders For Human Rights Center (DHRC), of which she became vice president.

two fighters

Mohamadi is next to Nasrin Soutudeh one of the most popular faces of the activists victims of the repression in the Islamic republic. Both were collaborators with Ebadi and both have received prison sentences and lashes. In the case of Soutudeh, the sentence is 38 years in prison and 148 lashes for crimes such as espionage, dissemination of propaganda, contempt and fueling “corruption and prostitution”, as revealed by his defense to the AP agency.

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